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Latest update: 01/11/2018 11:29:35

Unique Biotechnology Co., Ltd./優尼克生技股份有限公司

Unique biotechnology co.,ltd, was established in March 2015. we are devoted to applying gaseous chlorine dioxide to various industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, food industry, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. With the spirit of medical the profession, our core values includes professionalism, safety and efficacy.

Unique Biotechnology has invented a multiple country patented UC® technology. UC® is a cross generation technology to anti the development of germs, fungus and viruses, which also has the features like simple, stable and eco-friendly to our Earth. The efficacy is even safer and stronger than other disinfectants that makes it be served as a substitution of bleach and ethanol.


Sales Pitch

Aquaculture, Agriculture, Food safety, Environment disinfection, OEM/ODM service for personal cleaning and house cleaning
UC® is now widely applied in the fields like aquaculture, agriculture, food safety, and environment disinfection in Taiwan. The technology has also been OEM in different kind of daily use products like mouth washer, baby out door abtibacterial spray, hand sanitizer etc.
In aquaculture, it can enhance the viability of the fish and the shrimps etc. It can also help PH value stablization of the breeding pool and decrease FCR.
In agriculture, UC® solution can reduce the use amount of antibiotics and pesticides. It prevents the growth rate of the crops and plants from being inhibited or interfered by theantibiotics and pesticides, makes them grow normally. 
In food manufacturing industry, food safety is always the priority of every food product. UC® solution has gained Class I Medical Device from TFDA, which is safe for the disinfection of several kinds of food.
We possess unique patent protected preparation techniques and formulations that the competitors in this industry do not possess. Our consultant team and research team are active and they gain a lot of experiences in providing high quality and innovative products.

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