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We excel at production involving hot-pressing of thick plates or spring steel, and quenching and tempering of special thin steel plates. We also undertake bending processing for agricultural equipment as well as for industrial blades and special steel (plate materials, round bars).

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Our Monozukuri craftsmanship
We select materials and propose machining techniques according to the applications of the products required by the customer. We hold discussions to achieve what the customer wants. This is how we pursue our Monozukuri craftsmanship.

In our Monozukuri craftsmanship we integrate traditional forging techniques and modern techniques and always consider how to create better products.

We have continuously acquired Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) B 9212 and ISO 9001 certifications for quality.
Product introduction
■ Blades for agricultural equipment
Grass cutting: Blades used in machines for mowing grass on embankments and dikes, in thickets, etc.
 - Rotary blades for bush cutters
 - Tip saws for bush cutters
 - Bar knives, hammer knives

Rice cultivation: Blades used in combines and binders for harvesting rice or wheat.
 - Reaping blades for combines and binders
 - Straw cutting blades for combines
 - Round blades for combines (straw cutters)

Dry-field farming: Blades to plow fields or cut remaining roots.
 - Harvesting cutter knives
 - Flower-shaped coulters, wavy coulters
 - Round disks, flower-shaped disks

Gardening and lawn mowing: Blades to trim hedges or to mow lawns in parks, golf courses, etc.
 - Hedge trimmer blades
 - Rotary lawn-mowing blades, fixed lawn-mowing blades

■ Industrial blades
Industrial use: Blades to cut paper or for forestry machines or construction machines.
 - Various paper cutters
 - Forestry blades, construction machine blades

■ Conveyor parts
Conveyor parts: Parts for conveyors used for agricultural machines.

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