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Latest update: 21/12/2021 14:16:47

Sanwa Service Co.,Ltd.

Leave it to us for building maintenance and monorail-type fully automatic sprinkler systems for agriculture!

Our Maintenance Department provides cleaning services, equipment management services, sales of maintenance supplies, and so on. It is staffed by professional cleaners who are licensed to meet global standards. Our Agricultural Promotion Department manufactures and sells agricultural machinery and equipment, with a focus on overhead monorail-type fully automatic water sprinkler systems for greenhouses. Our Trading Department mainly handles products that are friendly to people and the environment. In each of these three businesses, we provide reliable services that contribute to the growth of our customers based on our accumulated know-how and advanced technological capabilities.

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Building maintenance business
Maintaining the aesthetics and durability of our customers' valuable buildings is essential to their management. We provide a comfortable space to keep the inside and outside of a building safe and clean according to the situation and condition of each building.
Agriculture business
We are working on the development of agricultural equipment that eliminates concerns about uneven growth, uneven pest control, uneven seedling growth, and overgrowth by focusing on the design and installation of monorail-type automatic sprinkler systems to suit regional agriculture throughout Japan, as well as to suit the customer's region, crops, and greenhouses.
Raku-Raku Sprinkler-kun: Fully automatic sprinkler system
Raku-Raku Mist-kun: Fine mist cooling system
Raku-Raku Mamoru-kun: Remote monitoring system for farms and cowsheds
Jet Warmer: Portable hot water supply system for commercial use
Product sales business
We do not limit ourselves to products related to our core business. We also focus on and sell better products. We will strive to discover and sell products that make our daily lives more comfortable and products that are friendly to human health and the environment.
An innovative multifunction vacuum cleaner that uses water as a filter.
CELA is weakly acidic hypochlorite water with superior safety that excels in sterilization and deodorization.

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