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Latest update: 02/09/2022 19:15:22

Otsuka Techno Corporation.

We are a plastic molding manufacturer dealing mainly in "medical products" and "precision products". 

Under the corporate philosophy, "We have a global vision, create new value for customer satisfaction, and serve a broader society", We have been producing and supplying plastic infusion containers.
By utilizing our technology for molding plastic products, we have entered the fields of precision products and electronic items.

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Medical plastic products
Infusion caps (molded and assembled)
We mold and assemble caps composed of a molded part and a rubber stopper.
Ports (molded from two materials)
We mold products composed of two types of resins in the same metal mold.
Bag film 
Several types of resins are extruded to form inflation multilayer films.
Precision products
Hoop molded products
Resin is formed on a metal frame. We provide hoop molded products for electronic components. 
Super engineering plastic products
By utilizing highly functional materials that focus on characteristics such as electrical characteristics and the degree of contraction, we mold super engineering plastic products which have superior electrical conductivity as well as dimensional accuracy, which replace metal products, and which have varying shapes.
Thermal protectors
We manufacture overheating protection parts used for lithium-ion secondary batteries.
Packaging materials for functional food
OT film
OT film has gas permeability and is mainly used for preserving the freshness of vegetables.
Navel valves
Navel valves are attached to sealed packaging containers to prevent the containers from swelling or bursting. 
Plastic bottles
PET bottles
We produce molded bottles and caps the volume of which meets clients' needs.

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