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B&Company Inc.

We will research the local needs of your company's business, products, and services! 

Support summary: We provide information and consulting that are based on various market researches and that are useful for "studying sales possibilities and business plans," "developing sales," and "engaging in sales activities."

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Support contents
Establishing overseas subsidiaries or representative offices
We will support you in the establishment of overseas subsidiaries and representative offices (obtaining of licenses for investment).
We handle the obtaining of licenses for all industries including manufacturing, IT, food, construction, trading companies (Import/Export or wholesaling), and the retail business. Furthermore, we also handle the changing or adding of licenses and the shutting down of local offices.
*We provide advice on scheme establishment. Since our Japanese staff will take care of you, there will be no communication problem.
▼Examples of our actual services: 
Obtaining investment licenses
Providing advice and support in the applying of and obtaining of investment licenses
Filling in investment license application forms
making arrangements for starting a business after the obtaining of an investment license:
(1) Applying for obtaining a seal (equivalent to a registered seal)
(2) Applying for obtaining a tax code
(3) Supporting the opening of a bank account (we only obtain authenticated copies of licenses and seal registration certificates.) 
Supporting the widening of sales (business matching and sales support)
Business matching with companies that may provide your company with materials, etc. or to which your company can sell products. It does not matter if such companies are Japanese-affiliated or Vietnamese companies.
<Step 1: Company list>
(1) Listening to your requests (industries, areas, service details, owned equipment, etc.)
(2) Preliminary surveys
(3) Signing a contract when your company is satisfied with the report and contents of (2)
(4) Payment from your company
(5) Delivering a company list
<Step 2: Screening>
(1) Listening to the companies specified on the company list in Step 1 above, on behalf of your company
Examples: Marketing channels, details of product line, materials used, etc.
<Step 3: Making an appointment for inspection and attending the inspection>
<Sales support>
We will negotiate with the target company over sales-related matters on behalf of your company. Our sales team will provide support to expand the sales of products, etc. your company handles. For business negotiations, we can dispatch an interpreter. 
Vietnam inspection tour
We will make necessary arrangements for an inspection tour after discussions with you.
Companies in all industries including food business companies, retail companies, and manufacturers
-Providing a company list
-Drawing up a schedule
-Getting an appointment
-Taking an interpreter and Japanese specialists with you for negotiations
▼Example of inspection
Inspection tour for retail and food business companies
[Schedule] 1 weekday
[Places] Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh City, and their peripheral areas
[Tour contents] 
◎Visiting suppliers
◎Visiting real-estate agencies
◎Visiting interior decorators
◎Inspecting a famous shopping mall and a market in Vietnam
◎Short lecture regarding doing business in Vietnam (we will later give you a detailed lecture upon request).
◎And more.



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