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Latest update: 05/02/2020 11:11:19

Ishikawa Computer Center Co., Ltd. (ICC)

We contribute to information technology for local communities with ICT

We provide total solutions from proposals and development to maintenance of information systems.

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Main Business: private companies, security, outsourcing, local governments, and medical institutions
Private companies
We acquire state-of-the-art technology by making use of our extensive knowhow and develop ERP packages for improving the efficiency of mission-critical tasks and SFA solutions that provide support for management and operation. 
One of our great advantages is our experience in providing solutions for companies in various fields such as manufacturing, services and foods. We provide added value that can only be created by us to customers regardless of the industry. 
This includes our CESS series of products we provide for private enterprises. This series can respond to various requirements such as mission-critical systems including sales management and production management as well as groupware, and can also be customized to satisfy customer needs. 
Of course, we have expanded our business in step with the times to handle Individual Number management and measures for BCP. We are also striving to promote information technology for local communities.
Personal computers are used on a daily basis regardless of industry or title, and an enormous amount of information is exchanged over the Internet every day. 
A perspective on information security is essential in such a modern society because the slightest trouble over information may lead to a situation that endangers the existence of an organization. 
We focus on security solutions that reflect this aspect of our era. Our customers across Japan such as companies, local governments, and medical institutions are using these solutions. One of these solutions is our Pasokon Keibitai PC security service. This all-in-one software has functions such as asset management, log collection, and information protection in one system. You can solve various concerns and problems concerning security. 
Information management has become increasingly important and we will continue to strengthen our base by establishing reliable information security for customers.
We are located on the Sea of Japan coast with lower disaster risk, and have our data center with secure facilities in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture. We provide a variety of services such as housing, the cloud, networking, operations and management, maintenance, and BOP (Business Process Outsourcing) for receiving commissions from customers, focusing on our data center. 
We also resolve customer issues with our extensive human resources. We make use of the IT solutions knowhow and experience we have been accumulating for more than 40 years to respond to a wide range of customer requirements. We establish attended 24/365 monitoring systems, and provide services for operations and management as well as maintenance for customers’ critical assets. 
We have obtained certification of conformance with standards for safety measures established by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) and the Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC) for improving safety measures for our data center. We focus on management of critical information assets and operational efficiency by outsourcing.
Local governments
The importance of administrative services provided by local governments is increasing year by year to respond to resident needs that become more diverse and complex according to the changing times. 
We provide a wide range of solutions. This includes systems for resident information such as resident information, nursing care insurance, and welfare, as well as systems for internal information such as payrolls, document management, and finance and accounting. We offer systems for educational institutions such as e-mails for schools and management of libraries, and systems for disaster prevention information to provide support for disaster prevention activities of local governments. We provide support for improving operational efficiency and enhancing labor saving by using the latest technology and extensive knowhow. 
Increasing the speed of a wide variety of operations reduces stress. We believe that it will lead to effective communication with local residents who visit local governments. 
Our goal is to create an environment with many smiles. 
We aim to be the best partner of local governments from the IT perspective so they can provide administrative services to respond to needs of all ages from children to the elderly.
Medical care
The medical care industry is an industry that is changing fast. 
Our experts with sophisticated expertise provide support to customers all over Japan such as various small or large medical institutions, nursing care facilities, and medical examination centers. This is done by making use of the knowhow we have been accumulating for many years. 
We provide a wide variety of solutions such as electronic health record systems from the perspective of patients and healthcare professionals. Our products include the PC Series package product for self-development departments for supporting operations such as medical examinations, inspections, and nutrition management, and general services for ORCA, which is the Japan Medical Association’s standard software for statements of medical expenses. 
We will continue to focus on system development to satisfy needs for medical care, nursing care, and medical examinations as well as proposals by consultation. 
We will also continue to grow with customers by making use of advanced IT solutions to contribute to regional medical care and healthcare to protect everyone’s smiles and health.

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