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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:11

GRACE memorial Co., Ltd.

“Precious memories, always shining brightly”
We help clients communicate their emotions in ceremonial functions, daily life, and various other situations.

[Company strengths]
In July 2018, the company name was changed from Tokuda Sekizai Co., Ltd. to Grace Memorial Co., Ltd. We process/sell miscellaneous goods made using a technology called sand blasting, where abrasives are blasted onto the surface of glass or metal to engrave letters and designs.


Sales Pitch

Small farewell funeral
A “small cremation ceremony” without Buddhist ritual items, for nonreligious people, is the most inexpensive plan.

Because the usual cost for ceremonies and Buddhist ritual items is not included, it is possible to minimize the cost. 
Small day funeral
This is a plan that does not have an overnight ceremony, in which the farewell ceremony and cremation take place within a single day.

The burden on elderly people and people traveling long distances can be reduced. Also, all the necessary funeral processes are performed, which means that mourners can pay proper respect to the deceased. 
Small family funeral
This is a “family funeral” plan, where an overnight ceremony and farewell ceremony are held mainly for the family.

Because there is no ritualistic paying of respects by work colleagues or neighbors, it is possible to spend the time of farewell with only people from inside the family.

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