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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:20

Marushin Material co.,Ltd.

We are exploring approaches to expand the potential of aluminum. 

We are a manufacturer of household goods and air conditioning products made from aluminum.  Our "ALART" brand features design that enhances the nature of the materials that we use. 
We can accommodate various processing (press, spatula, and sheet metal), production of single pieces or mass production, OEM, and tight deadlines.  Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. 

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Sales Pitch

Company introduction
Story of Monozukuri craftsmanship told through our products.
 In 1947, our founder started this company after working as an aircraft engineer. 
 "Start a new industry in Ashikaga."
 It has been a quarter century since we inherited this legacy. 
 In 1998, we revived the original brand of our factory. 
 The basis of our design products, mainly in aluminum, is 
 "a story of Monozukuri craftsmanship told through our products."
 Our unchanged philosophy is to keep making products 
 that can make the people who hold them feel something. 

A commitment to Monozukuri craftsmanship
 One sheet of material is turned into one product. 
 This process is made possible by the work of many people. 
 The inorganic beauty of metal is combined with organic material to create new expressions. 
 Dyeing, engraving, curving. 
 We explore the potential of aluminum by incorporating new techniques.
 We continue to work to achieve Monozukuri craftsmanship that connects people. 
Relaxation and comfort brought about in our ever-day lives with flowers
ALART is a brand that was created by the factory and established in 1947. 
Unique ideas that originate from fixed concepts. 
Design that enhances the creativity of the user. 
Through the concept of creative production, we express the potential of materials in various ways. 

ALART online store

 Flower vases
 Single‐flower vases
 Tableware (Wet hand towel trays, chopstick holders, and aluminum plates)
 Interior (mosquito repellent holders, incense holders, and card stands)

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