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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:30

ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.

We produce and sell INPREX direct exposure systems, which are chosen by users worldwide. We undertake integrated production of various FA devices from design and prototyping to mass production. Our unique stock of equipment allows us to satisfy diverse customer needs such as precision machining (micron machining).

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Exposure machines
[Contact exposure machines]
We have had the largest market share since 2000 (in the market for fully automatic exposure systems, according to our survey). This is why we have the technical capabilities to offer a diverse product portfolio and have a good reputation among PCB manufacturing plants around the world.
We provide appropriate and optimal products from our broad product lineup compatible with production processes or manufacturing techniques for inner and outer layers, solder resists, FPC/TSP, and so on.

[Direct imaging exposure machines]
INPREX is the world's first fully automatic direct imaging exposure system series compatible with mass-production lines.
It simultaneously achieves very high-resolution drawing and high-speed exposure. It also offers greatly improved adaptability to irregular substrates thanks to the mechanical clamp and autofocus feature, which dramatically reduces system stoppage time.
It achieves overwhelmingly high daily production and has a steady track record in stable operation on mass-production lines of the world's advanced circuit board manufacturers.
INPREX is a new-generation direct exposure system series that has achieved the world's highest system balance.
Over 400 FA equipment models with a good track record
We have cultivated our know-how by designing and producing over 400 FA equipment models. We make use of this know-how to offer one-stop services ranging from in-depth proposals by engineers to development and maintenance. These proposals streamline production sites and consider post-installation usability and operational status.

Cleanrooms available for developing large equipment, and fully prepared analysis/evaluation equipment

We have an established evaluation system capable of various kinds of analysis and evaluation ranging from machining accuracy evaluation for precision parts to system performance evaluation.

■ Our own stock of evaluation equipment
- Environmental equipment
Constant temperature and humidity chamber, laser marking equipment, DFR laminator, SR printer, photographic developing equipment
- Measuring instruments (optical)
Spectral distribution measuring equipment, laser interferometer, image measuring instrument, scanning electron microscope (SEM), glass flaw inspection machine, UV illuminance meter, UV integrating actinometer, X-ray dosage measuring equipment, laser length measuring machine, infrared thermography
– Measuring instruments (geometrical)
Precision circularity measuring machine, surface roughness measuring instrument, plating thickness gauge, noise meter, wind gauge, 3D coordinate measuring machine, pressure distribution measuring instrument, particle counter, micro vibration measuring instrument
- Measuring instruments (electrical)
Electrostatic tester, leakage current measuring instrument, dielectric withstand voltage tester, electrostatic measuring instrument
Precision machined parts
We undertake precision machining according to customer requirements by making use of our unique special machining equipment customized for precision machining.

We apply our machining know-how for individual products and mass production to offer high-precision short-turnaround production ranging from prototyping of a single unit to mass production of over 100 units.

■ Measuring equipment
Circularity measuring machine, CNC 3D measuring machine, geometric roughness measuring machine
■ Machining equipment
High-speed machining center
We are capable of handling difficult-to-machine materials such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, and ceramic. We can offer machining at a resolution of 10 nm.

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