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Hirohama Corporation.

Hirohama Corporation manufactures can parts to support can products that contribute to society. 

We develop/produce/sell caps for metal cans and various can parts such as mouth rings. Our product manufacturing is based on our several years of experience, our unique techniques, and our expertise. Our diverse components and processing technologies can accommodate diverse types of solvents. 
Small can/4-L can/18-L can/20-L pail can: We provide caps for a variety of cans that keep part of Japanese economy running.  As a can cap maker, Hirohama has earned the trust of our customers and wider society through our diverse lineup and the technical development ability that we have accumulated over the years. We fully support the contribution that metal cans make to society. 

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Sales Pitch

Hirohama’s product lineup
Introducing examples of our developed products
APK cap (B-Type cap)
This representative product, which was developed by Hirohama, innovatively solves the issues of “breaking the cap craw” and “scratching from the mouth ring when left attached” simultaneously.  After its initial development, it was sold as the AP cap. Today, the further-improved APK is available for various cap types including B 40 and B50 caps and is widely used by many customers.  We recently finished developing the type for a B70 cap and are currently using it for proposals.  (Please feel free to make an inquiry for further details.)
Lacquerless cap (B-Type cap)
A B-Type lacquerless can with several craws that prevent the seal from failing as the can is opened, and it is our first-of-its-kind original product.  With conventional caps, the seal usually fails while the can is being opened, causing hands to become dirty, dirt to get stuck on the seal, and making resealing difficult when attaching the mouth ring. This solves all of these problems.
BG twin cap (B-Type cap)
This is a new version of the highly popular BR ring cap. 
Curling the lower part of the protector offers improved sealing function. 
When opening, the protector is torn in half along a vertical score, enabling easy removal of the sealing lid. 
Highly safe and ideal for food cans. 
With #50 clean poly stopper
Highly safe and ideal for food cans. 
Achieves airtightness even without the use of rubber. 
This is a heat-resistant polyethylene stopper that is capable of high-temperature filling at up to 95°C.
<Development history>
In around 2001, a user notified us that the foamed rubber used in crimping would not be allowed in the future. As a result, we began to design and develop an alternative that would meet the standards of ISO9001. After production of a prototype, we tested its usage with the help of a container maker, and after various tests, it passed the required standards for airtightness and food hygiene and became a product. 
B-Type caps
Main application: used as caps for 4-L cans, 18-L cans, and 20-L pail cans.  It is used for food, paint, or chemical products.  We also have caps that are compatible with the Product Liability Law (opening warning mark).
A-Type caps
Main application: used as a screw cap for general cans and 18-L cans. 
Seals: caps for cooking oil. We also offer a laminated type for rust prevention.
Crimps: ideal caps for various types of processed food.  We offer a diverse range of sizes to accommodate differing content viscosities.  We also offer a rust-preventing metallic varnish type. 
Push lid/P cap
Push lids: ideal caps for storing solid contents. 
We also offer rust prevention varnished types.
P caps: a type with a ring that is safe and easy to open.  It is ideal for food containers.  It is made with a polyethylene inner plug.  It is made of aluminum and will not rust.
EOE (Easy Open End): we produce seven types of aluminum easy open lids, namely #202, #206, #211, #301, #307, #401, and #502.
B-Type mouth ring
Main application: widely used for the mouths of 4-L cans, 18-L cans, and 20-L pail cans.  While tin is usually used for this purpose, we also offer versions in stainless steel, Hi-Pet, and polyethylene for various purposes.  They are widely used for food, paint, and chemicals. To increase airtightness, the caulking part has a lining. 
A-Type mouth ring
Main application: screw type mouth ring for general cans/18-L cans.  Ideal for food and industrial use.  Please combine it with a dedicated Type A cap, PVC plug, and PVC spout. We also offer versions with double-sided varnish that provide superior rust resistance and durability. 
Grip and attachment plates
Main purpose: Handles and shrouds used to carry cans.  We have sizes that will suit any container. 
Main purpose: Handles and shrouds used to carry cans.  We have sizes that will suit any container. 
Polyester products
PVC spouts
A-Type PVC spout: a spout for A-Type screw caps.  We offer flat spouts and stepped spouts.
B-Type PVC spout: a spout for B-Type screw caps.  We offer flat spouts and stepped spouts. The cushioned type has a spreading hole that is easier to insert into the mouth.  It can also be inserted after placing the cap. 
A Nozzle for B-Type mouth rings. With its stretchable bellows, it allows smooth extraction from any angle. 
PVC pipe
Extraction pipe for B-Type mouth rings. We also offer other types. 
Dies/molds and peripheral equipment
Dies and molds
In addition to various dies and molds for caulking, we produce dies and molds for special orders.  For more detail, please contact our sales representatives or visit our website. 
Color average image processor
You can measure only the necessary colors without repositioning. This enables color management during production processes.
Application: inspection of browning during baking of sweets/bread and color inspection of colored tiles
Various machines
Automatic multipurpose caulking machine for mouth rings
Automatic capping machine
Please order one of our capping machines as well.

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