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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:16


Our mission as a pioneer in the packaging industry

Our company develops packaging systems required for a variety of products, from food products to daily necessities, fertilizers, chemicals, and semiconductor wafers. We have a share of 95% for industrial sewing machines, 90% for bag making machines, and 80% for automatic packaging machines. We have overwhelming and unrivaled shares in the Japanese market and a top-class proven track record in the global market. We are focusing not only on packaging machines alone, but also on developing systems for users' entire manufacturing plants.

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Sales Pitch

Product lineup boasting the top market share in Japan
Bag making machines
Newlong Industrial Company, Limited is a manufacturer designing and manufacturing bag making machines.
All engineering data, replacement part data and other design data from the first machine are retained as our industrial property, so we can respond to customers who have those machines. We can help you with parts replacement and further upgrades. Our machines are so rugged that if you replace only the units you need, it can be very cheap to get them back without having to buy new ones. Furthermore, depending on the consultation, we can prepare the latest machine that can respond to the request of "Full automation from order reception to production management".
The domestic market share is 90%.

[Product lineup]
ー Heavy bag making machine
ー Square bottom bag making machine
ー Flat bottom bag making machine
ー Polyethylene heavy-duty bag making machine
ー Bag making related equipment
Automatic packaging systems
We offer a wide range of automatic packaging from highly dustable powder to pellets.
There are many options. We respond to all needs with reliable technology.
Our share in the Japanese market is as high as 80%.

[Product lineup]
- Automatic packaging machines
- Bag closer systems
- Related equipment
Industrial sewing machines
Our company has been making special sewing machines for bag making and kraft paper bag mouth stitch sewing machines for heavy packaging, which have been our tradition since our founding. Domestic and overseas sales bases and networks are equipped with specialists and provide services that directly satisfy customers.
Domestic market share is 95%.

[Product lineup]
-Products for craft paper bag making
- Products for hemp bag making
- Carpet edge sewing machine
- Bag-stitch sewing machines for heavy packaging

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