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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:20

GYOMU Control Technology Institute

We realize development at four times the speed with architecture that does not depend on people.

The new design theory GOA is effective for defining requirements in the construction of a system and shortening the design phase. Businesses can be organized simply, regardless of the size, type of industry, line of business, or target range.

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■ GOA design theory
GOA (GYOMU Oriented Architecture) is a groundbreaking design theory that has been created through years of research in business applications. 

GOA is a “business-centric” design, unlike conventional development and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The core services for building business systems should be versatile, and they should operate based on the "GYOMU" settings that define the business flow, screens, forms, and database table schemes. We always realize a business system that is suitable for the customer. 

We prepare hundreds of services that do not need to change for the requirements of each customer in addition to the engine part that handles flow control, security, database access, and so on. We provide services according to rules instead of providing functions with a combination of parts that involve programming.
Just-iS non-programming-type SaaS ERP, which can be used from today
Just-iS is a SaaS type business application that provides a system that suits the business as a service. 

Features of Just-iS
1) Evolving business system
We expand applicable tasks without any restrictions on modules. 
2) Free modification
This is an industry-first service. Free modifications and flexible responses to individual requests.
3) Web support
On-demand use is possible without holding fixed assets. 
4) High reliability SaaS
High reliability supported by KDDI Business Port.
5) Global support
Infinitely scalable business system.
6) Business quality
Strong promotion of internal control and SOX compliance.
7) System cooperation
Cooperation with existing systems and mash-ups are also possible.
CAYOI: The first iRYSHA package
A product with iRYSHA as the core technology that has been adapted to a specific business and commercialized is identified by GCT Institute as “Powered by iRYSHA.” The first "Powered by iRYSHA" release is CAYOI. 
CAYOI was jointly developed by MTI (NYK Group) and GCT Institute. It is a revolutionary transport component management solution that incorporates RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. This is a recurring transport material management system that can automatically manage various information, such as where and how many transport components have moved and where they are in real time. 

■ Minimization of TCO with CAYOI
Reduction of production risks due to material shortages and minimization of related TCO
[Examples of reduction of specific risks]
- Reduction of the risk of delivery delays due to material shortages
- Reduction of the risk of changing the production plan
- Reduction of production idling due to non-arrival of materials
- Reduction of the risk of loss or theft
- Reduction of the risk of protecting parts and products caused by breakage and wear

[Specific examples of cost reduction]
- Significant reduction in the additional purchase cost of transportation materials
- Abolition of special transportation costs
- Reduction of temporary use of cardboard boxes
- Prevention of unauthorized use and secondary use of transportation materials

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