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Latest update: 05/10/2020 13:48:24

BAISOKU Corporation.

We are a company that specializes in SME manufacturer digitization for monozukuri craftsmanship. We pursue total, not partial, optimization.

BAISOKU Corporation specializes in digitization of SME manufacturers and was established in 2001. 
Our integrated services include consultation on digitization, support for actual IT introduction (including system development), and post-introduction operation. 
Our SME customers are particularly happy with our system as it is “a truly ‘useful’ system that solves specific issues.” 
In addition to problem solving, we commit to “increase the profit of our customers through digitization,” which means our customers have zero risk. 
We are seriously committed to the digitization of manufacturers. 

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Sales Pitch

System development, data analysis, and DX promotion for small- and medium-sized enterprises
Service overview
<BAISOKU’s system development>
We develop "foundational activity systems" that are incredibly capable by combining various activities that are unique to our company. 

<BAISOKU's data analysis>
We offer data analysis that determines bottlenecks and increases the gross profit.

<BAISOKU's promotion of digital transformation (DX)>
We promote DX.
[High-speed] Characteristics of the BAISOKU (double-speed) system 
The BAISOKU system adopts only the good parts of common ERP, cloud-type systems, and full-scratch development. 
It is a system that was created through the pursuit of speed, open thinking, and flexibility.  The open thinking development (visualization of development) reduces our customers’ risks to zero. 
Inquiry flow
1) We ask about the outline of your request at our first meeting. 
2) The sales department will provide a first draft proposal and estimate in three to five days. 
* Estimations mainly to show the upper limit of duration and man-hours (cost), as well as an approximate overview of the functions (free of charge until this point).

3) If you are happy with the duration, cost, and the overall expected functions, we will start the development. (Order)
4) If requested, we can organize presentations to help decide the scope of the development and standardization of system requirements once a week, four times in total, between 2) and 3). (Charged)

If you decide to place an order for the development of your product after our presentation, we will discount the cost of the presentation from the development cost. 





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