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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:20

Fuse Technonet Co., LTD.

We are a company that creates fluid control systems for various industries.

We are a fluid control system manufacturer required in the semiconductor, medical, and beverage industries. We also design and manufacture MEMS and evaluation and experimental equipment for nanotechnology.

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Product information
◆ Products related to semiconductors
We manufacture gas and liquid material supply systems for semiconductor and LCD factories. 
■ Gas/liquid supply systems
- Gas control units, integrated type
- 10L-47L: 3-cylinder cabinets
- 10L-47L: Fully automatic cylinder cabinets
- Hot water supply units for cleaning LCD cassettes
- Liquid source gas supply devices
- Gas control cabinets for equipment
- 47L 6-cylinder cylinder cabinets, etc.
■ Cooling water systems
- Cooling water distribution units for equipment
- Coolant units, and so on
■ Piping assemblies
We design and manufacture all kinds of prefabricated piping from high purity gas piping to vacuum exhaust piping. 
■ Various devices
Special equipment for research facilities (vacuum equipment such as etchers and ashers, dry desmear, various heat treatment furnaces (thermal CVD, fluoridation furnace) and so on)
- Excimer UV double-sided irradiation equipment
- High purity chemical supply devices
- Sputter/asher multifunction machines
- 4-type gas mixing equipment
- High-pressure gas supply devices
- Fuel cell evaluation systems, and so on
■ Local construction
We perform plumbing work for various applications and connections 
- High purity gas piping (automatic welding, clean specification)
- Vacuum piping (NW, ICF piping)
- Temperature control water/cooling water piping (Molco, SWL piping)
- Exhaust piping (Molco, TIG piping)
- Instrumentation piping (SWL piping)
- Chemical piping (PVC, Teflon, sanitary piping), etc.
◆ Medical/pharmaceutical
We also satisfy a wide range of needs in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, such as liquid chromatography and ultrafiltration units. 
◆ Products related to beverages
Design and production of equipment for beverage plants. 
We satisfy needs in the beverage industry with our fluid control technology and know-how. 
◆ Wafer service
Customized wafers according to the customer's application through thorough quality control and excellent technology. 
We can satisfy your needs with our products. 
- Silicon wafers
Dummy wafers, test wafers, particle monitor wafers, prime grade wafers from 2 inches to 12 inches
- Various film processing services
Thermal oxide film, TEOS, polysilicon, TiN, TaN, BPSG, Al-Si, Al-Si-Cu, polyimide, SiN, PSG (Phosphorous Doped Oxide)
- Resist patterning, Cu plating
- Recycled wafer service from 2 inches to 12 inches
- Silicon substrate dicing
We perform dicing cutting at the specified dimensions such as square shapes and mirror finishes. 
- We also handle quartz wafers, GaAs wafers, and Ge wafers. 
◆ Activated carbon material, Nano Black Hole (NBH) activated carbon material
This is activated carbon made of special materials by the steam activation method. 
- Electric double layer capacitor material
- Hydrogen storage material
- Electrode catalyst carrier
- Loading materials for lithium-ion batteries
- Odor/VOC substance adsorbent and so on
* Joint development with Nagaoka University of Technology
Research and development
◆ Fuel cell equipment
We provide both hardware and software, such as evaluation technology and thermal fluid analysis. 
■ Fuel cell equipment
- PEFC fuel cell evaluation system L-PEFC
- SOFC evaluation device and mounting system
- Hot flexible separator L-FLX
■ Hydrogen storage (alloy/carbon) evaluation system
- Carbon-based material hydrogen adsorption/desorption evaluation machine: PCT-C08
- Ultra-high-pressure hydrogen storage functional material evaluation device
- Adsorption/desorption evaluation device for hydrogen storage alloys: PCT-A02
- Methane adsorption/desorption material evaluation machine: PCT-C08
- DLC deposition system
Commissioned services
- Evaluation of PCT commissioned characteristics
The PCT (pressure-composition-isothermal line) characteristics of hydrogen storage alloy and carbon are measured by using our original PCT characteristic evaluation device based on JIS H7201 (capacity method). 
- Evaluation of occlusion/adsorption characteristics
We evaluate the absorption and adsorption characteristics of hydrogen gas into functional materials (alloys, nanotubes, carbon materials, and so on) by the capacitance method. 
- Pressure/airtight consignment
Withstand pressure: 42.0MPa

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