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Top share production management system based on our rich experience at mold-making sites

Since our foundation in 1995, we have been specializing in the business of the "Dr. Koutei Family" that are individual- order-based production management systems for the mold-making industry. Our products have been employed by many customers including metal mold manufacturers and machine tool divisions of large manufacturers. These cases have become our precious know-how. At present, we have a system with which we can provide one-stop services ranging from operation instructions to consulting for operation.

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Introducing our core products, "Dr. Koutei PRO" and "Dr. Genka PRO"
The software is dedicated to the following types of manufacturing sites:
-The workers mainly engage in single product production or individual order production in small quantity
-Work man-hours and process procedures are not standardized, but rely on the experiences and intuitions of the workers
-Since work schedules and operating instructions are not clear, work progresses with decisions left to individual workers
-Although there is enough manpower in the factory, sometimes work is outsourced to other companies
-Since deadlines are frequently changed and unscheduled production frequently occurs, it is difficult to establish plans
-Sometimes deadlines are not met and finding the causes takes time
- There is no system for totaling the prime cost of each product
-The prime cost of each product being processed is not known in real time, or the details of the prime cost cannot be checked
Benefits to our customers for introducing our software are as follows:
-Sharing and visualizing information
-Shortening or strictly meeting deadlines
-Reducing costs
-Understanding progress and prime costs in real time
-Optimizing the business
The following are our differences from rival companies and the benefits of our service:
-We have accumulated precious know-how by conducting business dedicating ourselves to the mold-making industry
-By utilizing the experience of providing our service to more than 600 users, we can offer processes from operation instruction to operation consulting all in one-stop
Introducing the metal mold management system "Dr. Katakan"
We support solving the following problems related to metal mold management: 
*The maintenance of metal molds is not properly managed.
-Sometimes a failure of a metal mold causes production to stop
-Maintenance is performed after a molding defect occurs
-The timing of overhauling metal molds is left to the decision of on-site workers
*Management is not properly carried out for the locations and the usage conditions of metal molds, as well as for correlations between metal molds and products.
-Workers scout out for metal molds before use, or they use wrong metal molds.
-It takes time to report the usage conditions to clients
*Information on metal molds is stored in various media (a server, paper, or private devices).
-Documents related to metal molds disappear
-It is impossible to understand storage periods, disposal timing, and metal molds that are to be disposed of
1. Proper maintenance is enabled, which prevents production line stoppage.

2. Accumulation of information on metal mold history optimizes the metal mold management cost. (This results in compliance with the METI [Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]-led requirements for optimally managing metal molds.)  

3. Thorough understanding of the locations of the metal molds prevents production delay.

4. Unified management of metal-mold-related documents promotes operational efficiency.
-We will provide the best quality by using techniques and know-how obtained through the development of and support for the Dr. Koutei Family

-It is possible to collaborate with systems such as Dr. Koutei PRO and with machines











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