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Unparalleled experience and achievements in color measurement technology.

High-precision color measurement technology that quickly provides feedback on defective products in various product lines, replacing visual inspection by humans. A color measuring system that can be constructed freely to suit various product forms. Our proprietary color measurement technology is relatively inexpensive and is competitive in the market.

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Industrial instrument manufacturing

We primarily manufacture and sell color measuring instruments. Specifically, we develop and sell equipment related to spectrophotometers, such as (1) noncontact spectrophotometers for manufacturing lines; (2) illumination/variable-light receiving angle spectrophotometers; and (3) desktop and handheld spectrophotometers. In the “color measurement” field, we work continually on the in-house development of new products, fully utilizing the advanced technology that comes from our abundant experience and achievements.
Overview of products and technologies
Our main products are noncontact spectrophotometers for various manufacturing lines (capable of 24-h continuous colorimetry for paper production lines, and film lines), illumination/variable-light receiving angle spectrophotometers (an optimal solution for color analysis and illumination capable of evaluating physical properties for objects that change color depending on viewing angle and used for cosmetic products), desktop spectrophotometers, and handheld spectrophotometers. All have been developed in-house and are reasonably priced, making them competitive for quality control in a wide range of fields.
Message from the representative
We are serious about the passing on of technologies and business succession. We believe the reason we receive requests from major domestic and international companies, despite being a decidedly small enterprise, is that our color measurement technology, which is supported by our accumulated expertise, differentiates us from other companies. 

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