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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:22

Sankensha CO.,LTD.

We satisfy a diverse range of needs in the electronics industry

We make use of our advanced technology and know-how to offer precision processing of silicon, alumina, glass, Si wafers, and semiconductor compounds. We manufacture and sell processing adhesives and packaging materials for semiconductor electronic components.

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Product information
- Screw processing
We support polyhedral processing and special shapes. Si screws are available from M4 to M12.
- Silicon jigs
These parts support various shapes. Silicon has few impurities (99.9999999), so it is ideal as a member in semiconductor devices. 
- Si rings
Si rings support shapes from diameter 1 to 570. 
Square shapes support processing up to 550mm × 1000mm. 
- Silicon crucible testers
Silicon is used for material research because it has few impurities. 
Any other sintered materials can be processed. 
- Silicon deposition holders
We also manufacture Si embedded jigs. The orientation flat can be removed after processing to extract the sample. 
- Silicon arrays
- Silicon tensile test pieces
- Special shape processing
- Wafer counterboring
We perform counterboring of various shapes on the wafer such as round and square. 
- Silicon electrode plate
Processing from a hole of diameter 0.5mm or more is possible. 
- Ceramic special shape processing
Processing with machinable ceramics is possible. 
- Wrap processing
Shape processing for semiconductor compound shapes and lap processing up to diameter 200 and thickness 0.1mm are possible.
Auxiliary materials
■ Sanwax (processing adhesive)
This is an adhesive product for cutting, polishing, polishing and ultrasonic processing developed by our company. 

Sanwax is made in consideration of the following conditions. 
1. The clogging of the saw during cutting is small. 
2. The workpiece is held satisfactorily during processing. 
3. It is easy to remove with solvent and detergent after processing. 
4. The use of adhesives does not affect processed products or products. 
5. The performance of the wax does not change depending on the temperature (heating). (Within 120 °C)
6. Inexpensive. 

◆ Packaging materials for semiconductor electronic components
■ Polycoated glassine paper bags, pellet bags
These bags were developed to store and seal semiconductor wafers, pellets, crystal wafers, glass processed products, ferrites, metal test pieces, and so on extremely easily and inexpensively with a small capacity. 

These are unique bags made by laminating a polystyrene sheet (approximately 13μ thick) on a special glassine paper (approximately 20μ). 

Exfoliation material is not used, so the stored material can be stored as it is. The outside of the bag is made of glassine paper and the inside is made of polyethylene, so the bag can be easily sealed with a sealer.

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