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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:06

N&I System Consulting Co.,Ltd.

System consulting and graphic design 

We have a good reputation for our high technological capabilities, extensive experience, and swift responses.

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Computer system consulting, design, and DTP
System consulting
By utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to support your company in cases such as the following: Your company's system engineer is absent; your company employs a system engineer who is too busy to implement all necessary tasks; and your company is not sure about where to obtain necessary knowledge. 
Design and DTP
We are able to receive orders for processes ranging from design to production of general printed matter. The details of the processes include the design of stationery, such as business cards and envelopes, the binding of brochures, company brochures, as well as books, the design of the main body of these printed materials, and the composition of these printed materials. 
We assist your company in publishing printed matter on websites.
System consulting
It is difficult to hire talented new staff if there are no necessary personnel in your company. When your company entrusts us with system consulting, we will accurately solve your problems.  
Design and DTP
By utilizing our rich experience and high technological capabilities, we not only provide accurate design, but also create constructive data that does not easily lead to accidents and is resistant to modification.
System consulting
We hear that other system consulting companies often make proposals which do not fit the business scale of clients or lead to results which are different from those desired by clients. We attach importance to surveillance carried out at the beginning, which enables us to make flexible and realistic proposals.

Design and DTP
Designers can produce designs, but there are not many designers who can create proper data. In addition, in the case of companies which merely produce designed products, external designers are asked to perform minor modifications, which take time. Since we undertake processes from start to finish in an integrated fashion, your company can ask us to perform design-related processes with a sense of security. 
Furthermore, we are able to be partly involved in your company's project and then assist your company in finally creating proper data.




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