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We provide impressions to people all over the world through our expressive creations.

Our business activities include the production of graphic design, educational content, illustrations, and software planning, development and sales. We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2016. We have been treasuring creative people for 100 years. In 2012 we announced the following 30-year vision. 
“Through the Creators Hub business, we share the dreams of fulfilling our hearts with many creative partners and provide a place where future creators can be active in society. We pursue creation and making the most of our people."

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Description of business
Graphic design production
Packaging, publication binding and design, photography, brochures, posters, promotion tools, character design, planning, and so on.

[Helping to shape the creator's feelings]
We produce various graphic design products such as packages, advertisements, illustrations, and photography. We can also propose products and content from the planning stage. We have been involved in product planning and design production for major toy manufacturers for many years, specializing in character and fancy designs, and proposals targeting children and women. We try to enjoy designing products with sincerity and fun so the creator can transmit feelings to the people who see and use a product.
Production of education content
Production of content, application development, and publication binding and design

[A place for joyful learning]
We produce various designs related to education, such as books, Web content, application development, Flash games, and DS software. We respond according to the anticipated business scale from the planning of content to the construction of a DB server. We make proposals with optimal expression to convey what the customer wants to transmit. Learning is fun, and knowledge expands the world. We are trying to build a joyful learning place.
Illustration production
CG, illustration production, character design, concept design

[We deliver both direction and production with reliable quality]
We create illustrations of various genres such as trading card illustration and character design. We work with our affiliated illustrators and external creators, so we can provide touch illustrations according to your needs. The creators in our company handle the direction of large projects, so you can rely on us.
Software planning, development, and sales
Production of original content, contract production: Direction, graphics, and scenarios

[Digital data with temperature and mass: That's our game]
In our work we make use of the know-how we have cultivated in the creation of content from the dawn of Japanese PC games to create a core of game play regardless of the platform. We provide excitement to players and share their excitement. We believe that communication starting with our products is our service. This policy does not change whether for production of original content and also acceptance for partial production.

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