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Our company proposes and builds various systems, particularly core systems such as those used for accounting and logistics. 

Our principle is to develop systems through direct and close contact between the customer and the developer. This ensures exact understanding of the customer's needs and enables development of optimal systems. 

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We mainly offer work analysis, system analysis, system planning, system design, system development, and system maintenance.  While we mainly provide system integration services (development of vertical systems), we believe that it is necessary to optimize entire systems, including hardware, network, staff training, and work improvement, in addition to developing software.  We specialize in Microsoft products in to offer products of strategic value to our customers.  From the perspectives of global standards, cost performance, progressiveness, function coverage, and suitability for office/management systems, we mainly select products and technology from Microsoft. 
Overview of main products and technologies
Development in our made-to-order system is conducted by a small team of highly experienced experts.  Our abilities in system design, development, and maintenance support are well-known, and we are certified as a gold partner by Microsoft.  We use these latest technologies to responsibly provide, manage, and nurture systems overall, including their hardware, software, and networks.  We can instantly accommodate sudden requirements for a new functionality.
Message by a representative (Initiatives for future market development and intensions on how to utilize J-GoodTech).
Joho Sekkei Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 as a company whose primary business is the entrusted development of corporate core business systems.  Since then, we have developed core business systems for a few dozen SMEs, including several companies that are listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.  We regard the entrusted development of core business systems at other companies as a task that demands extreme responsibility. With this awareness, we only work with one client from each business sector to build a system that enables them to win the competition against other companies in the same field. 

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