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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:58

Sano Denki Enjiniaringu Co., Ltd.

Trust us with the production and management of control panels and distribution boards. 

We are a specialized manufacturer of control panels, distribution boards, and sequencer panels.  We actively simplify wiring and use recycled goods in consideration of the environment.  From design to maintenance, our integrated production ensures delivery of highly reliable products at a reasonable price. 

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Control panels
Did you know that control panels can make our lives more convenient? In case of an accident, they can be used to stop the flow of electricity and issue notifications of the problem using alarms and signal lights.  They are used in many places for a diverse range of purposes. 

Product examples: climate control panels, remote control panels, Star‐delta starters, pump control panels, and alarm panels. 
Power distribution boards
A distribution board that forcibly stops electric current when there is an accident, such as leakage.  A distribution board is a familiar device that is indispensable for any facility that uses electric devices, including homes, stores, and factories. 

Product example: lighting distribution boards, power distribution boards, lead-in instrument boards, and switchgear boards
Sequencer control boards
Sequencer panels are devices that allow the integration of a programmable controller (PC) into a control panel.  Integrating a sequencer allows the wiring inside the panel to be simplified and makes it possible to perform complex machine control quickly to meet tight deadlines. 

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