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We are a comprehensive metal heat treatment manufacturer in Yamanashi

We are a comprehensive metal heat treatment manufacturer that can satisfy all heat treatment needs. We respond to all types of heat treatment needs in batch processing of carburizing, quenching, and tempering, including mass production. This is done with the largest heat treatment equipment as well as heat treatment of individual products such as heat treatment of molds in a vacuum furnace. Processing from one piece is possible in our convenience store-style trial workshop. 
Micro High Frequency (high-frequency quenching) is our new original technology. It is possible to form a hardened layer of about 0.3 to 0.5 mm on the surface of the required part of small diameter parts (diameter 3, diameter 4).  

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Metal heat treatment
[Vacuum heat treatment]
Heat treatment, magnetic annealing, stress relief of high-speed tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and so on
[Ambient heat treatment]
Carburizing, quenching and tempering, carbonitriding, and so on
- Processes are conducted every day until the carburizing depth (effective) reaches 1.0 mm. 
- Processes are conducted every day until the carburizing depth (effective) reaches 1.5 mm.
[Induction hardening]
Partial quenching and annealing of steel
* Induction hardening of small diameter parts (Refer to the item on Micro High Frequency.) 
[Surface treatment]
Gas nitrocarburizing, coating, and so on

- Carburizing quenching and hardening and tempering can be heat-treated on demand, from large-scale products capable of 1,000 kg per batch and mass production to precision parts using continuous furnaces. We also excel at carburizing, quenching, and tempering for partial curing. We handle gas nitrocarburizing and coatings with small dimensional changes suitable for precision parts. 
- There are four vacuum furnaces in our vacuum heat treatment that can be pressurized and cooled, and each furnace has its own size. 
Heat treatment can be performed continuously with computer control. (It is also possible to process by chartering furnaces for experiments and prototypes.)
Computer management of products and organization of forms makes it possible to respond to mass-production products, and single large products to very small parts can be produced in a short delivery time. 
- We also possess two sub-zero units.
Micro High Frequency
Hardening of small-diameter hollow shafts (pipe material) to the surface layer is possible! 
We succeeded in quenching the surface of a small-diameter hollow shaft (pipe material) using μ (micro) high-frequency technology. It is a feature of induction hardening. This technology allows a hardened layer to be formed on the surface of the required part. Conventionally it has been thought that the product was hardened on the entire surface or used as it was without quenching. With this technology it is possible to form a hardened layer of the required thickness in the required area.
Convenience store-style prototype workshop
[What is the convenience store-style prototype workshop?]
We have been dedicated to heat treatment since our foundation. We hope that the technology we have cultivated during this time can be reflected more widely in the field of Monozukuri craftsmanship. We want to provide suggestions and cooperate with laboratories and developers who are researching, testing, and producing prototypes every day to provide mass-produced products to the world. That is why we decided to launch this convenience store-style prototype workshop. 
[Applications and features]
Test and prototype products require a wide variety of heat treatment conditions in small lots. We have been dealing with high-mix low-volume heat treatment on a daily basis. We can process articles from a single piece and we can respond to customer needs. 
Please consult us if you are a developer who has a problem that heat treatment cannot be performed due to too small an amount or too many conditions. 
The concept of a convenience store-style prototype workshop is based on the concept of providing anything, anytime. 
[Information on heat treatment information and depth of carburizing]
Here we introduce the carburizing depth that we have implemented. 
■ Effective hardened layer depth: About 1.0 mm: Every day
■ Effective hardened layer depth: About 1.5 mm: Every weekend
■ Effective hardened layer depth: About 2.0 mm: Every weekend
*We perform the tying process, so it is possible to respond by unit price. 
Please feel free to contact us if you do not have a heat treatment manufacturer that can handle this work. We can send our products via postal mail.

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