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Universal IoT platform for mission-critical use

IoT is different from IT. To successfully introduce IoT, IoT data must appropriately be managed, and systems must be flexible as well as expandable. With the use of our universal IoT platform, "SensorCorpus," your company can successfully introduce an IoT system.

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Universal IoT platform "SensorCorpus"
(1) SensorCorpus is used for a wide range of purposes including the detection of machine (movable parts) deterioration, the management of temperature and humidity in factories, the measurement of sounds, the monitoring of indoor and home appliance conditions (such as the opening and closing of the door, temperature, number of products, and the detection of humans), and the use of vital data. In addition, in recent years, SensorCorpus has been used for purposes close to mission-critical infrastructures. Regardless of business type and category, SensorCorpus can be used for various purposes including agriculture, water supply, gas, distribution, vehicles, and medicine.
(2) Merits to customers
Since SensorCorpus is a horizontal IoT platform, it can be connected with various sensors, devices, and gateways. Furthermore, it can be linked to various systems of other companies via API; therefore, configurations optimum for your company can be freely made.
(3) Differences from other companies' systems
The definition of the term "IoT platform" has not been defined, and various IoT platforms which employ various underlying technologies are now available. Our universal IoT platform, "SensorCorpus," is the platform which excels in the correct management of IoT data. By using "SensorCorpus," we strongly support the realization of expandable IoT systems that can flexibly meet actual and potential needs of customers such as adding or deleting a sensor or device and API collaboration with other systems. Customers can quickly introduce our IoT system in a small scale, following the PDCA cycle at a high pace. This is vastly different from approaches that other IoT platforms, for which sensors, devices, and environments are pre-computed and the expandability of which is inadequate, often take.

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