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By mainly utilizing leading-edge ultrasonic atomization technology, electric control technology, and machine design, we provide customers with products that satisfy their needs.

We hold the number one domestic market share position in ultrasonic atomizers that are dedicated to chemicals and that spray fine mists of such chemicals in the air.


Sales Pitch

Introducing our business lineup, products, technologies, etc.
Business lineup and strong points 
By utilizing leading-edge ultrasonic nebulization technology, we provide ultrasonic atomizers, which are dedicated to chemicals and which spray fine mist of such chemicals in the air, for various purposes including household use, medical use, and agricultural as well as livestock products. Our main products are ultrasonic atomizers, ultrasonic humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifier units, mist screens, throwing type ultrasonic nebulization units, electronic humidifiers, etc. Unlike atomization by heating, atomization is done by ultrasonic waves. As a result, a mist composed of ultrafine particles whose center particle diameter is 4 to 5μm is generated. Since the mist is ultrafine, your hand will not get wet even if you touch it. Accordingly, it effectively spreads to the entire area. In addition, each employed part, including the ultrasonic transducer, which is the center for mist generation, is chlorine resistant. This enables the spraying of hypochlorous acid water which has sterilizing and deodorizing effects. Thanks to the chlorine-resistant parts, the durability of our ultrasonic atomizers is about 5 to 10 times higher than that of conventional ones.
Outlines of our products and technologies
Our ultrasonic atomizers meet the needs of customers who want to spray liquids other than water. Thanks to the parts with improved chemical resistance, the product life of the atomizers is at least about three times longer than those of standard atomizers. The ultrasonic atomizers create fine mist to effectively humidify an area. They are used for various purposes all over Japan including humidifying hot yoga studios and growing crops. Our mist screens create a screen of mist in an area using ultrasonic atomization. When images are projected onto the mist screen, the images appear as if they were floating in air, thus creating unique and creative effects. We offer a wide range of electronic humidifiers from a low-priced wet and dry bulb type to a highly precise digital polymer sensor type.
For matching
By utilizing technologies that we have nurtured for more than 40 years since our foundation, we provide customers with products to which cutting-edge ultrasonic atomization technology, electric control technology, and machine design have been applied, thereby satisfying our customers. In order to cater to the rapidly changing demands of the world, we develop and produce products that satisfy customers' needs ranging from small lot multi-kind production to mass-production for cost reduction. Furthermore, under fierce market competition which is expected to continue in the future, we will build an organization that enables quick business decisions and responses under the slogan of "selection and concentration." We will not compromise and continue providing markets with unique and creative products that bring added value to "customers." These are our top-priority issues in terms of business.

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