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Isonoo Body Inc.

We specialize in manufacturing, installation, and repairs of truck bodies and transportation equipment.

We manufacture, install, and repair truck bodies and transportation equipment to satisfy the needs of the times and our customers. Recently we have focused on developing original brand products based on the special technologies and know-how we have accumulated over many years. This includes the iSkip Door remote-control auto-sliding door for small-scale pickup and delivery, which won the 2004 Yutorito Yamagata Innovation Grand Prize. This product has been widely introduced as a main product to customers inside our prefecture and elsewhere.

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Company overview
[Management philosophy]
We have focused on the production and repair of truck bodies since the foundation of our company, but the times are rapidly changing and the truck body industry is facing a turning point. We need to keep innovating to adapt to the changing times and provide the services that customers request. 
We have invented a production system and sales system for simultaneously realizing design and production efficiency that reflects customer demands that have been difficult to achieve. We currently provide these systems directly to customers. 
These systems enable us to offer our original body lineup, as well as high quality, quick deliveries, and immediate prices. We can identify the changes in the times and constantly take on challenges, which leads to providing value for our customers. 
We create value with our customers through these efforts. We are also working on company-wide recycling activities and Eco-Action 21 activities to protect the natural environment and contribute to society. 
We prepare an environment that maximizes the capabilities of the organization and individuals by setting creativity, passion, and honesty as our value standards. We aim to be a leading company in a multifunctional industry that incorporates valuable proposals into truck bodies and storage boxes.
[Company strengths]
We developed the iSkip Door auto-locking automatic sliding door for trucks in our intrgrated services from development to production for truck bodies that satisfy customer needs. We are conducting sales throughout Japan from Yamagata. We earn customer trust with our extensive after-sales service.
[Description of business]
Development and manufacturing of new products related to automobile bodies and mounting of the body. Design and manufacturing of assemblies, repairs, maintenance, and painting of vehicles.
◆ Production, bodywork, and repair of truck bodies
◆ Repair of refrigerators
◆ Repair of sheet metal
◆ Inspection of private cars
About our company
◆ We offer services throughout Japan
We provide support including meetings for new vehicle bodies, delivery of vehicle bodies, and after-sales service by directly visiting customers. 
Salespeople with specialized knowledge travel throughout Japan. They sometimes drive our original products to customers, including trucks equipped with iSkip Door automatic sliding doors. We take the opportunity to show our actual products through demonstrations and handling our products.
◆ Realization of the ideal truck starts here. 
We prepare drawings of all the requests obtained by the salesperson. We realize high-quality bodies and contribute to the improvement of productivity by making full use of 3D CAD. 
Our mission is to provide what the customer wants. 
We can realize what we used to think was impossible. We apply this concept to work as the most upstream process of production.
◆ Realizing what customers ask for
All our employees engage in 3S activities. They complete and provide better products so customers can use them for a long time after delivery. This is based on the concept that high-quality products are developed in a clean environment. 
We also carry out everything from material processing to welding and assembly to achieve thorough quality improvement.
Our company's technology
[iSkip Door]
We protect your important cargo during transportation. 
Theft is likely to occur if security and safety are neglected during transportation. 
Our iSkip Door responds to these types of social needs. 
◆ Double door to prevent collision accidents
◆ Thorough security with an automatic lock
◆ Opening and closing while holding cargo using the remote control
◆ Silent design with the use of an electric sliding door

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