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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:19

Yamagata Land Corporation Research Insititute

We provide the best quality that satisfies customer needs, aiming to gain customer trust and contribute to the local community.

We were incorporated in 1989, and we do business mainly in compensation consulting services. 
There are only a few companies in the Tohoku region that specialize in this business, so we handle many special projects. 
We launched a non-destructive inspection department in 2010, and a manufacturing department in 2014. 
Compensation consulting, non-destructive testing, and manufacturing seem to be unrelated. However, compensation consultant services use X-rays to check the internal structure of buildings, manufacturing services use weld flaw detection inspections, and manufacturing companies use surveying technology to locate and install mechanical equipment in factories. We have achieved good results by complementing the skills we have available and required in each department.

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[Business description]
[Introduction of business]
- Electric machinery and equipment manufacturing
- Non-destructive inspection
- Surveying and design
- Compensation sensor business
- First-class architect office
- Software development
- Other
◆ Manufacturing
(1) Assembly Division: Mainly assembles equipment, jigs, control panels, and so on
- Assembly of jigs and devices, etc.
- Assembly of control panels, etc.
- Processing and assembly of automobile wire harness
(2) Machining Division: Mainly processes precision parts (metals) such as equipment and jigs
- Machining
- General-purpose machine processing
- Design and NC programming
- Inspection
◆ Non-destructive inspection
(1) Non-destructive inspection services
The task of using x-rays and ultrasonic waves to understand internal conditions and damage without destroying a structure.
- Inspection of joints of iron reinforcing bars
- Inspection of weld parts of steel frames
- Press weld inspection
- Inspection of weld parts
- Surface preparation work
- Flaw detection inspection
- Ultrasonic flaw detector
- Thickness measuring instrument
(2) X-ray inspection for the inside of concrete
Irradiating a concrete structure with X-rays makes it possible to search for the location of embedded rebars, wires, cables, water pipes, gas pipes, and so on. We mainly supply services related to bridges and buildings.
(3) Survey of arrangement of bars in concrete buildings
- Inspection of rebars
- Radar method
- Inspection of rebars
- Electromagnetic induction method
- Marking
- Radar
- Electromagnetic induction
- Measurement of anchor bolt length
- Ultrasonic measurement of thickness
- Penetration inspection
- Periodic repair of plants and so on
[Certifications acquired]
Acquired ISO 90001 (Quality Management System) certification in December 2004
[Order form]
- Prototype and development support, and high-mix low-volume production 
- We process articles from individual items and prototypes to mass-produced products according to customer requirements. We also have an integrated production system through cooperation with the Higashine Plant.
[Materials to be processed]
SS material, SC material, aluminum, stainless steel

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