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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:55

Sasaki Press Industry Co., Ltd.

We have been in business for 96 years. Our motto is "To have dreams, adventurous spirits, and pride in our minds."

We can perform working processes, including press working of thick plates, cutting work, and welding.
We meet manufacturers' needs by establishing a system of designing press molds, producing molds, and processing metal in our company.
We would like to swiftly respond to all customers' requirements for "delivery deadlines, quality, and costs" and make company-wide efforts to build trust in users.

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Sales Pitch

Business lineup
-Speaker parts
-Car chassis parts
-IT parts
-CT electrode parts
-Motor parts
-Farm equipment 
-Builders' hardware
◆Our strengths
-We can perform integrated production that includes designing press molds, producing molds, and processing metal.
-We are good at dealing with small lot high mix production.
-We can process plates whose thicknesses are in the range of 0.2 mm to 12.0 mm.
-Spot welding, a semi-automatic welding machine, and machining that enable cutting and tapping work.
◆Styles of order acceptance
-We produce a variety of products in small amounts.
-We mass-produce products.
◆Obtained certiication



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