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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:35

Ritto Megane K.K.

Spectacles-type wide-angle view mirror WIDE i (Wide Eye) useful for people with visual field constriction

Our product “WIDE i (Wide Eye: trademark registered)” is a pair of spectacles offering performance and utility suitable for “visual life” situations of people with afferent visual field constriction or the like. It is scheduled to go on sale in February 2019.

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Sales Pitch

Spectacles-type wide-angle view mirror WIDE i (Wide Eye)
[Product features]
Magnification: -1.5x
Lens configuration: 5 lenses
Angle of view: 90°
Exit pupil: 18 mm
Pupil distance: 60 mm
Weight: 72.5 g
[WIDE i test results]
Subjects: Normal subjects without ocular diseases

Far vision: 1.2 before → 0.9 after
Near vision: 0.9 before → 0.8 after
Far stereoacuity + before → + after
Near stereoacuity 9/9 before → 5/9 after
Contrast sensitivity (2.01 before → 1.82 after)
(using Pelli-Robson near vision chart)

Visual field expansion (approx. 2x at 3° visual field constriction, approx. 3x at 10° visual field constriction)
(Humphrey 30-2)
40 m straight line walking: 28.4 s before → 28.6 s after
28-step stairs: 20.4 s before → 27.3 s after
Search time on desk: 9.4±7.99 s before → 6.3±4.69 s after
Detection time of object from behind: 5.6±1.69 s before → 4.5±1.17 s after

This test was conducted at the Vision Rehabilitation Research Group Yamada Juku.

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