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Latest update: 09/06/2023 10:29:22

Japan Heat Barrier K.K.

Our Top Heat Barrier heat shielding material saves energy and reduces heat

Top Heat Barrier heat shielding material is a cutting-edge energy-saving material with thin sheets starting from 0.1 mm. Just by attaching it to a boiling kettle (100°C), it reduces the surface temperature to 28°C. It can be used on roofs, walls, floors, and equipment in all kinds of places for heat countermeasures, heat stroke countermeasures, work environment improvement, and realizing significant energy saving. With 30% energy saving just by wrapping with it, our product is an amazing material that matches the current era.

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Top Heat Barrier and cutting-edge construction methods
Top Heat Barrier heat shielding material
Top Heat Barrier heat shielding material is a high-performance heat shielding material that our company has commercialized as a result of repeated development, prototyping, and testing. We are constantly developing construction methods, and have developed and patented a number of low-cost construction methods.
Overall, we have created a construction manual with more than 40 patterns, which can be used for any facilities or buildings under any conditions.

 Heat shielding materials originated in the space industry, which faces a harsh temperature environment with ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures. This coating is made of aluminum with 99% purity and has the ability to reflect 98% of radiant heat. And it realizes ultra-thinness, with a thickness of only 0.1 mm. This performance has also been assessed as being world-best.
We are developing new materials to meet various usage conditions.
Heat shielding steel sheet wrapping method
In the era of extreme heat, we offer a drastic change in heat shielding. This is a completely new method of cooling roofs and exterior walls that are 85°C in an air temperature of 40°C, which enables heat shielding at the same time as roof repairs, and results in 30-year durability.

The heat shielding steel sheet wrapping method is the latest next-generation heat shielding method that covers existing slate roofs, folded-plate roofs, and walls by attaching a heat shielding material to steel sheets and using ventilation.

This is our company’s original construction method, which has been patented and cannot be imitated by any other company.

 It can be used to repair roofs, and it also provides heat shielding and boasts the same durability (30 years) as the roofing material, which makes it maintenance-free.

Advantages of the heat shielding steel sheet wrapping method
1. Cost-effectiveness
2. Extends durability of exterior materials for 30 years
3. Realizes significant energy savings
4. Heat stroke prevention
5. Improves productivity through work environment improvement
6. Reduction of maintenance costs such as coating
7. No work stoppage due to construction
8. Confidentiality can be maintained
9. Short construction period due to the use of heat shielding steel sheets
10. Construction can be done at any time throughout the year
11. Beautiful appearance
12. SDGs (climate change countermeasures)
Ultra-fast heating and cooling system (one-room heat shielding)
Our company’s Top Heat Barrier interior heat shielding material is an ultra-fast heating and cooling system that can reduce the temperature on the emission side (low emission) 

by directly affixing it to the interior side of the wall surface, and can bring out high performance.

The one-room heat shielding system is an economical way to apply an interior material plus heat shielding material directly to the ceiling, walls, floor surface, and entire interior side of a room instead of using wallpaper, and can be done for a single room.

Also, the whole-house heat shielding system is a very efficient method of heat shielding construction, as it uses heat shielding materials on all surfaces facing onto the exterior of a building, including floors, walls, and ceilings, and thus requires far less area for heat shielding than a whole house.

Advantages of the one-room heat shielding system
Ultra-fast heating and cooling that reaches the desired temperature in a few minutes
Construction can be for a single room, making it easy to budget
Efficient heating and cooling measures are possible
Air conditioning is used for less time, resulting in lower electricity bills
Cuts radiant heat, which is a factor in raising body temperature, making it effective in preventing heat stroke

Realizes a high-level environment with heat shielding in one room for those who suffer from heat stroke when air conditioning is ineffective, etc., or for the elderly, children’s rooms, pet rooms, etc.




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