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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:58

Wako Keisoku Corporation.

Readiness based on the expertise that we have acquired by specializing in level gauge for 50 years. 

We develop, produce, and sell residual quantity measuring devices for liquid storage tanks and automatic control equipment and develop measurement devices for explosion-proof construction used in dangerous areas. We have certificates for 12 types of equipment.  We are a specialist manufacturer of level gauge, flowmeter, and automatic control equipment. 

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Product introduction
Pointer type level gauge
This is a level gauge that uses a float. It is used to measure the liquid level inside a container. 
Owing to its simple mechanical structure, it is easy to handle.  Moreover, as it does not require power for its operation, it can measure and display results during blackouts. 
We offer a diverse range of products that can accommodate various container sizes and purposes. 
We can also offer replacements for products made by Yanagi Keiki Co., Ltd. (FS type, FP type, and FT type) and Fujisanki Inc. (FD type). We provide unique products to suit your requirements. 

Float switch
This is a level switch that uses a float. It converts buoyancy to mechanical motion to activate its micro and lead switches. 
It is widely used as an alarm for the detection of full or empty containers and as a signal to trigger automatic supply/discharge. 

Float switch with visual monitoring
This is a level gauge with a contact signal that can simultaneously provide on-site liquid-level data and output alarms using a float and a fixed axis.
It is fully customized as per the specifications of each site, which allows it to accommodate a diverse range of requirements. 

Magnetostriction type LGM series
This is a level gauge that uses a float. It is a highly accurate and small-water-level transmitter. 
It is ideal for building into devices or installing in narrow spaces. 

Immersion type water gauge 
This is a water level transmitter that calculates the water level by immersing a pressure sensor into the water and comparing the water pressure with the atmospheric pressure. 
As its name suggests, it can be used to measure the water level by simply lowering it into the water, making it extremely easy to use. 

Board-type level gauge
This is a level gauge that uses a float. It displays the liquid level inside the tank on a vertical scale plate (gauge board). 
It is an extremely basic level gauge in which a weighted pointer and a float are connected through a wire. When the float moves following a change in the liquid level, the pointer also moves in unison.
We also offer an innovative model in which the change in liquid level and the movement direction of the indicator are synchronized. 

Control panels
We produce made-to-order control panels based on the specifications of each site, such as panels for automatic pump operation using float switches and display panels for the signals from various transmitters. 

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