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Latest update: 04/02/2019 11:22:40

Fujiyoshi-2244 Co.,Ltd.

Our company excels at mirror surface polishing of large parts. 

We are an R&D-oriented polishing company with stable quality and automated production. Our company offers self-developed spinning barrel polishing for large parts, master-level manual cutting, and buff polishing. 

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Sales Pitch

We offer sales and contract processing of self-developed spinning barrel polishing machines
Our company develops polishing machines from a manufacturer’s perspective, and uses them in-house. A polishing machine alone cannot complete manufacturing, so we offer polishing machine proposals together with related pre-processing as well as and setup and arrangement. We also make use of our automatic buff polishing line and spinning barrel line to take on consigned processing of mass-produced products. 
Spinning barrel processing makes it possible to mirror polish large parts such as auto parts and truck wheels. The work itself is set on a rotary shaft, and rotated. The spinning work is then slipped into a polishing tank filled with barrel polishing agent. It swings up and down repeatedly, while the surface is forcibly scraped against the polishing agent and polished. The work’s whole surface is uniformly polished after the spinning and swinging movement. 
We offer mirror surface polishing of automobile aluminum wheels, polishing of coating surfaces, and edge grinding to make it rounder. We conduct smoothing of die castings (heat check removal), polishing of propellers and screws, mirror surface finishing after buff polishing, and surface hardening. 

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[Company Strengths]
Our company offers mirror surface polishing of automobile aluminum wheels, and inner-surface polishing of piping joints used in semiconductor plants and the medical and food industries. Our distinctive track record includes car wheel mirror surface polishing. We have supplied parts to major automobile manufacturers and motorcycle manufacturers using a spinning barrel polishing machine that accommodates large parts. Some aluminum wheels are now offered with a partial mirror-surface finish. These are our products. Polishing piping joints can only be applied manually, so our skilled craftsmen carefully apply a mirror finish one by one. 


[Representative’s Message] 
We will work hard to win orders for car wheel mirror surface polishing, and polishing the inner surface of valves, as well as for spinning barrel polishing machines themselves.