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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:36


Wire drawing of metal lines, including heat treatment, manufacturing, and sales of fine lines

Manufacturing extra-fine wires. We engage in the processing of stainless-steel wires, heating wires, electrical resistance wires, high alloy wires, hard steel wires, titanium wires, and stainless steel processed products. Our products are delivered in various bobbin coils or wound coils, and we can accommodate metal wires that require heat treatment.

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Product introduction
Wire drawing (hard wire):
We provide a wide range of wire products.
Wound coil type
Φ0.30–Φ0.60 mm
Bobbin coil type
Φ0.060–Φ0.65 mm
After heat treatment (soft wire)
Wire diameter 
Φ0.060–Φ0.65 mm 

Package product appearance
Various bobbin coils
Corresponding material
[Stainless steel wires]
・Ni (nickel) stainless steel wires
Stainless steel wires for springs, stainless steel wires for ropes, heat-resistant stainless steel wires, ordinary soft stainless steel wires, stainless steel straight lines
・Cr (chrome) stainless steel wires, 	 Others	
[Heating wires and electrical resistance wires]
NCHW 1 (nickel chrome type-1 electrically heated wires, FCHW 2 (iron chrome type-2 electrically heated wires)
[High-alloy stainless steel wires]
Pure nickel wires and high-nickel alloy wires (Inconel-600) 
[Hard steel wires]
Various plating hard steel wires
[Titanium wires]
Pure titanium type-1 (TW-270) wires, titanium alloy (β Beta) wires
Application examples
Used in control cables, wire ropes, springs, knitted metal wires, woven meshes, metal scourers, metal brushes, heating wires, electrical resistance wires, electrical contact lines and the like.


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