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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:07

Vilene Create Company, Ltd.

We aim at becoming the No. 1 supplier of nonwoven fabric products.

Under close cooperation with Freudenberg, a German-based company, our parent company, JAPAN VILENE COMPANY, Ltd. is a top manufacturer of nonwoven fabric, continuously leading the world of nonwoven fabric which has become diversified and sophisticated. Main products dealt in by Vilene Create Company, Ltd. are made from high-grade nonwoven fabric made by JAPAN VILENE COMPANY, Ltd.,   

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(1) Disposable dust prevention masks (2) DENKITORU®, static electricity removing nonwoven fabric (3) Sweat removal pads
In order to prevent health problems such as pneumoconiosis, workers are obliged to wear dust prevention masks in work sites in which dust, weld fumes, oil mist, etc. occur. Vilene Create Company, Ltd. offers various types of disposable dust prevention masks that have passed strict national tests. In addition, we offer simple ear-hanging masks that can be used for light-duty work.
We offer static electricity removing nonwoven fabric that is produced by the reaction formation of conducting polymers, which are effective for electricity removal, on the surface of microfiber. We offer sheet type, mitten type, and tape type products to meet the needs in various work sites troubled by static electricity.
We offer pads that are put on the front of helmets (the front side which contacts the forehead) and caps to protect the eyes from a runnel of sweat. Nonwoven fabric with excellent absorbing ability quickly absorbs sweat. The pad prevents sweat from running down to the face and the eyes and reduces the sticking feeling on the skin in contact with the helmet. The pad is optimum for not only work sites, but also sports including golf and baseball. We offer two types of pads: The low-adhesion type for helmets or the like and the high-adhesion type for caps or the like.


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