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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:41

Micro Talk Systems Corporation

Measuring the time of marathons around the world. Manufacturer with top share for IC tags in Japan

As a specialty company for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification; automatic recognition systems using non-contact IC tags), we have recorded achievements in various fields such as “safety management systems,” “hands-free entry and exit management systems,” “systems for caring for children,” “vehicle management systems,” “cattle herding management systems,” “flexible containers” and “residential electric locks.”

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Hands-free entry and exit management
Grasping movements of people in various facilities such as offices and plants 
It is possible to judge whether employees and visitors are in or outside a facility if they just carry IT tags even without holding the tags over a reader. You can also link them with external equipment such as automatic doors, electric locks, and rotating flashing lamps.
Safety management systems
By using these systems, you can analyze working hours of operators who work in production lines in plants in order to promote operation efficiency and reduce turnaround time. In case an accident occurs in a clean room or the like, you can confirm emergency evacuation.
Flexible containers
We use IC tags for management and operations of flexible container bags. The location and quantity of inventory can be managed in an integrated manner via the network.
Vehicle management
Tags carried by people in vehicles are detected to allow their passage. You can manage the location and dynamics of objects other than persons by attaching tags to vehicles and forklifts.
Systems for caring for children
You can use these systems for recording when children arrive at and left school by using tags. 
By attaching tags to children’s bags, when the children pass through the school gate, the times are automatically recorded and emails are sent to their parents to notify them when they arrived at and left school. You can build safer systems by linking the systems with surveillance cameras, e-mail notification functions, and the like.
Marathons, road relay races, trail running, and the like
You can install measuring devices anywhere for lap races in which the start point and the finish point are at the same location and for full marathons in which measuring devices are installed in an area between the start point and the finish point at intervals of 5 km. You can measure the race time of individual players.

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