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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:17

i-enter Corporation

We transmit the best performance and energy to the world by enjoying work.

We are a comprehensive IT consulting company. 
We have designers, directors, engineers, marketers, and system consultants in-house so we can provide one-stop solution services. We have a dedicated team conducting R&D on advanced technology so we can use the knowledge we obtain through R&D to satisfy various user needs. Our LABO-type development and LABO contract have been formally approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a Management Innovation Plan.

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List of services
LABO contract (i-Labo)
We develop an i-Labo that provides laboratory-type development services and services for dispatching technical engineers as one package. This is done based on semi-delegation agreements.
[Growth-type laboratory contract]
We set up a project team dedicated to a client to achieve KPIs and proceed with development to develop services and business. 
Feature 1. Starting development with low initial investment is possible
Feature 2. Flexible support for specification changes during development
Feature 3. Services can be provided as an ideal system that matches the current situation
[Laboratory contract for providing technologies]
This service aims to provide technical personnel. 
We form a project team exclusively for a client by assigning our excellent engineer as the key person. 
Feature 1. Technical ability can be secured by providing the service for each team dedicated to the customer instead of providing services for each person
Feature 2. We visualize process management using communication tools
Feature 3. It is possible to prepare a secure development environment for your project
Advanced technology development
We always seek advanced technologies, and our dedicated team conducts R&D. 
Development examples
• VR curling (VR) for simulating curling
• Curling stone line racing tool (AI)
• Smart display application
• Development of demonstration of travel experience sharing application (AR × VR)
IOT, IOT prototypes, XR, applications, Web systems, business systems, cloud integration
Development examples
• Equipment control application (manufacturer)
• Wearable terminal linked fatigue display application (retail manufacturer)
• Dissolved oxygen data logger for measuring water quality changes
• Toilet sensor using EnOcean and LINE BOT
• HoloLens application AirDraw (MR) to draw pictures in the air
Marine technology (development that leads to the development of fisheries and aquaculture with IT)
Development examples
• Ocean sensors to visualize the state of the sea
• Oxygen content sensors for water quality monitoring
• System to estimate fish size without touching fish
RPA, UX design, digital marketing
• RPA introduction support services
• Design and prototype progress according to the user
• Digital marketing
(Example) LP production for campaign + WEB promotion and marketing (leisure facilities)
Create a buzz for the target audience: Video production and video promotion (education companies and so on)
Construction of EC site and operation consulting plus WEB promotion (companies operating the EC site)
Marketo operation consulting business tool vendors (and several others)

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ