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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:59

Absorlabo Co., Ltd.

With sophisticated soft materials that provide good value for their price, we contribute to performance and quality improvement!

Absorlabo is a company that researches and develops high performance as well as highly soft materials and their application products that effectively and permanently suppress unpleasant, frustrating, or unstable phenomena caused by vibration or shocks occurring in various environments.

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Introducing our business lineup, products, and technology
Business lineup and strong points 
We are a venture manufacturer that deals with "engelook" which is a highly functional and highly soft material technology for effectively and permanently suppressing unpleasant, frustrating, or unstable phenomena that are caused by vibration or shocks spreading through solid bodies, that include noise, and that cause performance or quality degradation. We also deal with application products of engelook. We offer two types of services: Customizing the positions of highly functional parts and providing units or general-purpose sheets that can easily be installed. With these services, we contribute to solving phenomena that annoy customers in various fields. Our products are excellent in terms of safety sanitation and are both stable and durable in all environments including extremely cold Siberia, extremely hot and highly humid equatorial jungles, and desert regions that are directly exposed to strong ultraviolet rays. Thus, the advantage of our products is the excellent and unparalleled value they bring with relation to the price.
Outlines of our products and technologies
For about 30 years, we have been taking measures mainly against "vibration and shocks." Based on our abundant experiences and achievements, we have been contributing to the improvement of performance, quality, and added value of various products of customers. Such products include not only precision products like optical, medical, and IT equipment, but also products related to vehicles, construction machinery, infrastructures, military, aerospace, sports, etc. Furthermore, we also have original technologies and know-how. Our advantages include technology-based sales activities for processes ranging from confirming details of customers' problems to proposing optimum solutions, designing as well as developing optimum specifications, combining our products with other materials to create a synergistic effect, and our unique integrated system of production and sales, which is composed of a select few, for achieving processes from production engineering to mass production, as well as achieving effective mass production.
For matching
Our strengths include "excellent stability and durability," "excellent value for money," "superbly high safety sanitation," "extremely wide application temperature range," and "achievement of various specifications that meet requirements or needs." With these strengths, we develop and produce customized absorbers that meet customers' requirements. Using know-how that we have nurtured throughout years of practice, we strive to provide total solutions. Please contact us for customized products to which our performance and know-how can be applied.

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