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Nippon Noise Control Ltd.

From the creation of super-quiet spaces to the prevention of outdoor noise: We contribute to solving sound and vibration problems in construction and industrial fields

[Pursuit of comfortable sound space]
Our company is a high-tech group that always aims to create a more comfortable sound environment. We are a system engineering company for noise control in construction and industrial fields. We have built up an extensive track record. This includes the Japan's first development of an ultra-quiet space with a tolerance of NC15, which is said to be the lower limit of indoor noise. We will expand our dreams as much as possible to create sound spaces with warmth and calm, and to enter new fields to satisfy the needs of the new era. 
● From the creation of super-quiet spaces to the prevention of outdoor noise
We contribute to solving sound and vibration problems in construction and industrial fields, from creating a very quiet space in a concert hall to preventing outdoor noise emitted from plants. 
● Experts in acoustics and fluid dynamics
We provide advanced noise control systems with excellent cost performance as experts in the fields of sound and airflow.

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Our company's technology, products, and construction examples
Our company's system engineering
■ Space-saving
The optimal layout of a silencer and silencing system enables the effective use of space. 
■ Optimal materials
We select the materials and sound-absorbing media that are most suitable for the installation status of a device and its purpose of use. We realize control that does not impair the environment while placing importance on the durability of the equipment. 
■ Energy saving
The energy-saving effect is increased by design with low-pressure loss in hydrodynamics. 
■ Low cost
We reduce total costs including running costs through the harmonious design of the whole system. 
■ Detailed support
We offer a consistent and meticulous response that satisfies the customer from system design to construction supervision and performance measurement.
Application specific to noise control systems
■ Silencing and soundproofing systems for buildings
Our products silence the interiors of halls, domes, studios, museums, commercial facilities, hospitals, libraries, and other buildings to create a comfortable sound space. 
NC-25 or lower is considered to be acceptable for concert halls, but an international musician requested stopping the air conditioning to realize NC-20. It is necessary to have excellent knowledge and experience to realize a high level of quiet space. This includes preliminary surveys, careful meetings with contractors and equipment contractors, and comprehensive control measures for noise, vibration and airflow at the design stage. 
- We design and construct optimal soundproofing equipment for facilities with cooling towers comparable to plants, such as high-rise buildings, domes, and hospitals. 
■ Silencing and soundproofing systems for factories
Silence in a factory space is realized by comprehensive engineering. Factories generate larger airflows at higher speeds than ordinary buildings, so the size of a silencer should be large and the casing should be thick. These systems require different insight from that for silencing a building. 
We supply the following silencing and soundproofing systems for factories. 
- Cleanroom air conditioning systems
- Dust collection systems
- Ventilation silence systems for incineration plants
- Soundproof panels and soundproof walls for outdoor noise prevention 
- Other systems for air conditioning and ventilation equipment
■ Countermeasures against noise and total engineering for plants
Our products shut out noise and vibration generated from production equipment, compressors, turbines, blowers, and fans at factories and construction sites. We make use of our company’s comprehensive technical capabilities to handle many processes from planning noise countermeasures to inspection after construction and completion. 
- Mufflers for intake and exhaust ports of production equipment (large silencers for plant air filters, silencers for the release of plant ultra-low-temperature gas)
- Large plant in which total noise reduction planning is conducted
- Large plant in which total noise reduction planning is conducted
- Silent ventilation fan unit for tunnel construction
■ Measures for silencing in ventilation towers
We implement noise reduction measures for ventilation towers such as subways, underground stations, and underground parking lots. The air volume is large, so we use a particularly large silencer for exhaust towers. 
- Silencers delivered to subway ventilation sites
- Subway ventilation towers (air supply towers on the Rinkai Line, air supply and exhaust towers on the Rinkai Line)
Technology and products
■ Technology
• Research and development
Acoustic wind tunnel testing equipment using a silent air blower measures the acoustic and airflow characteristics of products, which is useful for product development and verification. 
• Technical alliance
We have a technical alliance with Vibro-Acoustics Ltd. in Canada. Vibro-Acoustics Ltd. (Ontario, Canada) is one of the world's leading systems engineering companies in the noise and vibration control field. Roy Thomson Hall was built in Toronto, Canada in 1980, and creates a super-quiet NC15 acoustic space by combining technology and products of Vibro-Acoustics Ltd. 
■ Mufflers (silencers, silence louvers)
- Rectangular splitters/silencers
- Splitters/silencers (low-pressure drop type)
- Elbow silencers
- Circular silencers
- Cone silencers
- Mute louvers
- Silent elbows
- Ventilation fan silencers
■ Soundproof panels, soundproof covers
• Soundproof panels
[Soundproof panels]
- Acoustic insulation panels
- Soundproof doors
- Other soundproofing equipment
[Soundproof covers] (Soundproof canopy, soundproof enclosure)
- Soundproof covers for natural gas compressors
- Silencing systems for gas turbines
- Silencing systems for blowers
• Soundproof covers for natural gas compressors (NGC)
We offer soundproof covers that house equipment causing outdoor noise, such as gas compressors, gas turbines, and blowers. A soundproof cover is also called a “soundproof canopy” or “soundproof enclosure,” and they are manufactured by combining a soundproof panel with an intake/exhaust silencer. 
■ Soundproof walls (soundproof fences)
We produce examples in which a cooling tower or chiller is enclosed by a soundproof wall and measures are taken. 
- Soundproof walls for rooftop cooling towers
- Soundproofs wall for chillers
- Soundproofs wall for cyclones
■ System products
- Silent elbows
- Silencing chambers
- Silencing outlets/suction ports
- Flexible ducts
- Sound insulation plenum

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