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Group to challenge toward the future with unique technology

Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues related to equipment, robots, or processing of materials!

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Details of business and an overview of products and technology
Details and features of business
○ Design and manufacture of FA-related equipment (liquid crystal, semiconductors, solar batteries, vehicles, and so on)
○ Development and manufacture of industrial robots and robots for daily life
○ Design and manufacture of various types of dies and molds, precision hot hollow forging, various types of die casting, fluid control, drive equipment, various types of sheet metal/welding processing, environment-related equipment, medical equipment, design and manufacture of medical equipment through in-house development
○ Sale of imported Western alcoholic beverages
We propose “Monozukuri (manufacturing)” that contributes to people and society by harmonizing with society, local communities, people and environments. 
We create the future by using our unique technology in this changing era.
Overview of main products and technology
With respect to forging and die casting in which we have acquired experience and recorded achievements since we started our business, we have an integrated line, from the design and manufacture of dies and molds to production. We meet customer needs by achieving the early launch of new products and others.  
We have a great deal of experience mainly in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment such as “liquid crystal,” “semiconductors” and “automobiles,” which require state-of-the-art technology. We provide custom solutions to meet various customer needs by using our unique core technology. We provide industrial robot products to meet needs of various industries for plants for which automation of production lines, work-saving and labor-saving are required. We provide support for innovation of customers' production lines by our industrial robot business. We manufacture industrial robots and products related to hollow fiber filters and perform OEM production of parts related to valves for major manufacturers. 
With respect to imported Western alcoholic beverages/wine selling business, our lineup includes famous liquors around the world. We provide attractive products from all over the world, including “wine of naturalism,” which was made by focusing on an organic growing method, to tables in Japan.
For matching
In 1954, we started our business in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, which is near the center of the Japanese archipelago, which contains beautiful nature and productive environments. We will respond to the new era by combining traditional technologies such as those for dies and molds, forging, and die casting with advanced technologies such as those for liquid crystal and semiconductor-related equipment. We strive to meet expectations from customers by harmonizing with society, local communities, people and environments in this changing era as a group that challenges the future with unique technology.

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