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Do you experience problems with long or wide cylinders?

We can accommodate lengths of up to 2,500 mm, diameters of up to φ500 mm, and weights up to 500 kg.  We can grind large cylinders with 0.8 S surface roughness and 1 μm roundness/cylindricity precision.  We ensure stable supply with high precision and high quality using our experience in grinding long and wide workpieces and in taper grinding and our large cylindrical grinder. 

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Solving difficult problems in large-scale cylindrical grinding
We can accommodate cylindrical grinding up to 2,500 mm in length, φ500 mm in diameter, and 500 kg in total weight. We can consistently provide products that maintain 0.8-S surface roughness, 1-μm roundness, and cylindricity.  

0.8 S is in the category of mirror polishing, which requires high-precision grinding. However, the processing capacity of a cylindrical grinder is limited at 1500 mm in length, 100 kg in weight, and φ250 mm in diameter. This implies that there are many companies that cannot process cylinders that are larger or heavier than this, even if there is demand for the same.  

In addition to the experience and achievements that we have accumulated in grinding long and wide workpieces and in taper grinding, we have introduced a large cylindrical grinder to acquire new skills and technology.  We guarantee stable supply of long or wide products that are highly precise and high quality. 
The advantages of a factory specializing in large cylindrical grinding
As the only factory that specializes in grinding machining processes in the city, and one of only a handful in the prefecture, our company processes a diverse range of materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, iron, aluminum, carbide, SKH, SKD and ceramics using cylindrical grinding, inside grinding, plane grinding, and rotary grinding. With our stable and highly precise processing accuracy, we have earned high praise from our clients, and we have received orders from more than 30 companies in the city and more than 30 other companies located within and outside the prefecture. 

As we are a factory that specializes in grinding, we have a perfect setup for our work that includes various grinders, a range of grinding stones for use with the grinders (diamond, borazone, ceramic grinding stone, common grinding stone), centers in many shapes, and several hundred hired jigs. 
Latest delivery cases and results
The following three items are the main items used when grinding large parts. 
Grinding-stone spindle
Grinding-stone flange
Spindle case
In addition, we use a combined grinder and some other equipment for grinding large parts. 
Grinding stone flanges and grinding stone spindles are also used for many small parts. 

Cylindrical grinding
Grinding-stone flange
Grinding-stone spindle
Collet sleeve
Sleeve guide

Interior grinding
Ring gauge
Grinding-stone flange
Sizing sleeve
Internal rotation engagement
Bearing cap
Closing sleeve

Plane grinding
Base plate
Ring gauge

Combined grinding
Block manifold
Sleeve cylinder
Spindle housing

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