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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:41

Inter President K.K.

We are a company that considers IT-related questions and requirements together with our customers

We work with you to provide necessary IT services such as software development, server installation and operation, internal network installation, and acting as an agent for the information systems department at the business site.

IT may be a single term, but today there is a wide variety of knowledge and technologies. We understand that it is difficult for many companies to secure human resources outside their main business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us even if it’s just for a free consultation. We will be pleased if you can make good use of our proposal.


Sales Pitch

System development, security support
System design and development
*The following are examples

(1) [Medical care: Receipt computer customization]
We customize and implement open-source receipt computers in a way that meets your needs. The system is now superior to the original in terms of feel, performance, error handling, and so on.

OS: Linux, Windows 7, ESXi
Redundant configuration: LifeKeeper
Database: PostgreSQL
Language used: Java, COBOL, .NET

(2) [Medical care: Ordering system]
With open-source electronic medical record software as its background, orders can be placed from examination rooms with even simpler operations. It can also be linked with our installed receipt computer.

OS: Linux, Windows 7, ESXi
Redundant configuration: LifeKeeper
Database: PostgreSQL
Language used: Java, .NET

(3) [Embedded: WiFi driver customization R&D]
We have assisted in WiFi driver R&D for a prototype based on state-of-the-art 5G.

OS: OpenWrt
Language used: C
Target product: Undisclosed

(4) [Local government: Authentication server migration]
We assisted with the migration of an authentication server EOL installed by a local government.

OS: Linux
Redundant configuration: LifeKeeper
Database: Oracle, PostgreSQL
Language used: Bash

(5) [Various: User management systems]
We have assisted in developing management systems for a gym and other services for the general public, as well as for users of social welfare services as a commissioned project.

OS: Linux, AWS, Windows
Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer, Access
Language used: Java, Access VBA, .NET
Security services
Are you in compliance with the new Act on the Protection of Personal Information?

Our company provides services such as:
Targeted email training
Vulnerability assessment
Monitoring file access, etc.

Particularly for file access monitoring services, which were originally difficult to implement without installing an expensive Windows server or the like, our service is now available on a monthly basis.

This service is very effective in ensuring traceability in the event of an incident.
Working on your behalf as an information systems division
We can purchase computers and other IT equipment, coordinate with manufacturers, provide EUC tools, and perform other tasks normally performed by employees in an information systems department on your behalf.

We also provide support for minor items in computer operation, resolving problems as they arise, and so on.

*Basically, work is handled by telephone or other means.

Business contents:

Consultation at the time of purchasing computers, or selling computers
Support introducing multifunction printers (front-office work for the manufacturer)
Windows server deployment
Construction of an internal network at the business site, installation of IT equipment for business site relocation
Help desk for Windows, Office products, etc.
Introduction of Excel tools
Operation and maintenance of EUC tools (Access, Excel) created by you

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Kanto Head Office, SMRJ