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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:10

Human Ring Co., Ltd.

We eliminate human errors. 

By scanning QR codes with a smartphone, which anyone can use, the delivery, shipment, and shelf numbers are automatically read, and checking/updating the database can be easily done. 

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Inventory management system
Easy management of non-consolidated inventory in the warehouse
The work is controlled by the menu on the smartphone.  Basic tasks such as receiving shipments, placement of goods on shelves, retrieval of products from shelves, and product disposal can be achieved by scanning the product code and shelf number. 
Furthermore, QR codes are also printed on the shipment instruction labels. This implies that the product’s storage location is displayed when it is retrieved from the shelf, enabling faster shipping.  It also allows shipment verification, preventing delivery errors. 
Management of dead stock is easy, and disposal can be done quickly.
As the history of merchandise coming in and out of the warehouse is constantly updated, it becomes easy to smoothly perform first-in/first-out for similar products. 
Moreover, the system can quickly identify merchandise that has been stored for a long time and enables easy control of sell-by dates. 
Comprehensive lost-child search function
As the inventory information is stored in the database, it is possible to instantly display storage locations of similar products as well as the storage location of the product that you are specifically searching for.
Man-hour control system
Man-hour management at the manufacturing site
It allows one smartphone to be supplied to each member of staff at a low cost, and each person can understand his or her task by following individual instructions.  It can automatically record the time it takes to complete each task, enabling easy calculation of product costs.
Instruction drawings are also displayed on the smartphone
As the work instructions are distributed to each member of staff, and engineering drawings or individual instruction files can be attached, there is no need to carry a printout of the instructions.  Moreover, it is designed for smartphones and allows zooming into the necessary parts of drawings, which makes checking easier. 
From task-information aggregation to cost calculations
All the work based on the work instructions is collected; therefore, it is easy to grasp the number of man-hours for each process → cost. This makes it easier to revise man-hour estimations and link them to work improvement. 




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