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We use leading-edge technology including IoT to enrich our future lives.

By developing systems, we support the achievement of smart agriculture. By using our know-how on developing software, hardware, and processes, we strive to develop systems that meet customers' needs. 

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By applying the technology we have nurtured, we will establish unprecedented electronic systems.
Business lineup and strong points 
We can provide one-stop system development which includes developing software, hardware, as well as processes, complying with various standards (EMI VDE, etc.), delivering trial products, and delivering mass-produced products. We have original know-how on systems such as telecommunication systems that apply MCUs (we support all types of MCUs including I.MX257, the STM series, and the SH series), operating systems (Linux, Android, IOS, and Real-Time OS), wireless telecommunications (ZigBee, BLE, LoRa, and LTE ZigBee modules are our products), FPGA (we support small ICE40 as well as large ULTRASCALE+ 5GHz ADC DAC DDR4; we are a Xilinx Alliance Program Member), and so on. Also, we have original know-how on systems such as image processing systems and industrial equipment systems that apply wireless telecommunications. Thanks to the said know-how, we can flexibly meet various needs of customers and make proposals in which mass production prices are reflected. In addition, we can deliver products.
Outlines of our products and technologies
As for environmental measurement systems for smart agriculture, IoT devices can visualize the environment in a greenhouse, and a farmer can effectively check temperatures, humidity, as well as growth situations on a PC or tablet, compensate for a shortage of labor, and steadily obtain a certain amount of crops. As for tank farming, effective cultivation is made possible in a stable environment without the use of soil. Tank farming allows for vegetable farming under room temperatures and light conditions that are optimum for the growth of vegetables, and the growth of such vegetables is unaffected by the weather. This is a water culture device (patent pending) which requires labor wherein you need to harvest one vegetable and sow a seed every day. This is a device installed in nursery homes or elementary schools for feeding small animals such as rabbits.
For matching
Based on a bulletized specification describing "what are desired," our company proposes systems that meet your requirements. More concretely, we propose processes from designing to producing hardware while considering mass production prices. We cherish communication with customers, flexibly meet various needs, and design as well as produce easy-to-use software. If your company has problems with system development, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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