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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:21


We are capable of producing ten million pieces per day.  We are an aluminum capacitor case manufacturer.  From mold making and production to inspection, our in-house integrated production system ensures quick delivery of high-quality products. 

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Aluminum cases for capacitors
The features of the eyelet method we use are listed below. 

1. Explosion-proof valves with superior trustworthiness and workability.
  With the eyelet method, the flat plate is gradually processed and formed in five to seven steps before explosion-proof valve processing.
  Thus, there is no danger of the valve cracking.  Moreover, the activation of the valve is smooth and safe rather than being instantly activated.

The facility cost is cheaper owing to the simple mold structure. 
  The die and molds used in the eyelet method can have the smallest diameters owing to the structure of the press. 
  Thus, compared with other methods that use large dies and molds, less facility cost is required here, enabling us to provide products with 
  competitive prices to you. 

3. Faster delivery is possible thanks to the easy operation of the mold and machine. 
  The press shown in the image on the right is the press we use. Compared with the presses used in the other two methods,  
  it is much smaller and has a simpler structure.  Thus, it can flexibly accommodate detailed changes in the production plan. 
  For instance, if only the L measurement has to be changed, same-day modification is possible.

4. It is capable of high-mix low-volume production. 
  As modifying the size is easy, it is capable of a high-mix low-volume production at the same speed as that of the mass production of the same product. 
  (Generally, we can deliver a sample in between half a day and two days. )

5. It can accommodate extremely small diameters (φ3). 
  While it cannot produce large cases (φ15) owing to the characteristics of the machine, it can produce cases with diameters as small as φ3, 
  which is not possible with other methods. 
The possibilities of aluminum deep-drawing— a product lineup created by accepting challenges
Cosmetics (caps and pump part)
 In aluminum deep drawing, we are able to process cylinders in stages and can process cylinders with holes on their top or sides, 
 in addition to processing aluminum into simple cylinders.  By applying these processing methods, we can produce the pump parts 
 and screw parts that are used in cosmetics. These products are used in the products of major cosmetics companies that include Shiseido and Mandom. 

Rivet (flange part)
 With aluminum deep drawing, it is possible to press the tip of a cylindrical workpiece flat.  The flange part (pictured right) and rivet (pictured left), 
 which are widely used for joining metal in construction sites, is a product that was created by applying this processing method. 
 Our product is used in the flange part of the rivets produced by Max, a major construction material manufacturer. 

Lid for medicine bottle *Currently not in production.
 This was developed as a lid for single-dose medicines. As it is highly recyclable (the glass part and the lid part can be completely separated), 
 and it can be manufactured in many colors, enabling easy identification of the contents, it proved popular among major pharmaceutical companies. 

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