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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:23

Saito Kikai Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

We support social infrastructure with reliable technology.

We carry out canned sheet metal processing and precision machining in an integrated system from data creation to assembly. We have renewed manufacturing equipment including the addition of linear-driven ultra-high-speed machines, welding robots, and NC machines to improve quality and shorten delivery times. We have delivered mechanical parts for elevators for high-rise buildings such as Tokyo Skytree and Taipei 101.

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Productivity realized with the know-how we have accumulated and the latest equipment
Creating optimal machining data
We create CAD and CAM data based on received drawings and DXF data. We can create the bending data at the same time. Selection of the most suitable mold and automation of the bending order reduce the burden on the operator and improve work efficiency. We create data for automatic tapping machines if necessary. 
The data processing operator and the actual operator check the data so causes of defects are eliminated by performing double-checking.
Punching, deburring, tapping, bending
We perform punching with a laser and turret punch. We can perform processing without waste by using different processing machines depending on the material, plate thickness, quantity, and shape. 
We basically deburr all products. We perform deburring using an automatic deburring machine based on the material, plate thickness, quantity, and presence or absence of scratches on the back surface to improve work efficiency. We use an automatic tapping machine for tapping depending on the number and shape of taps. 
We perform processing using NC benders with bending data. Selection, installation, and determination of the bending order used to require the longest time when processing a new article. Automating the process has greatly improved the efficiency of work.
We specialize in TIG, spot welding, and semi-automatic welding, and perform welding on the housing of quick chargers for electric vehicles and covers of various products. 
We use a welding robot to handle mass production. 
We perform welding of different materials depending on the sheet thickness. 
We check torsion and strain during welding for each product. We eliminate faults and enhance work efficiency by using a dedicated jig developed in-house.

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