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Our e-mail delivery system can be used for various purposes including e-mail magazine delivery for "B to C" and lead nurturing for "B to B," and has the following characteristics: "multifunctional," "low-priced," and "easy to operate."

Cuenote FC can speedily and assuredly deliver e-mails.

This is a cloud-type service (ASP or SaaS) software that provides services including simultaneous e-mail delivery, effectiveness measurement after e-mail delivery, step-by-step e-mails for making potential customers purchase your products, and forms for registering e-mail magazine subscribers.

Cuenote FC is used by a total of more than 1,300 municipalities and companies that belong to various industries, including EC business operators, manufacturers, newspaper publishers, and financial institutions.

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Sales Pitch

E-mail delivery system "Cuenote FC" that has the highest level of performance in the industry and that actually delivered 42 billion e-mails in a month
◆The biggest feature of the e-mail delivery system, "Cuenote FC"◆

The strongest points of the e-mail delivery system "Cuenote FC" uniquely developed by YMIRLINK Inc. are e-mail distribution performance and an easy-to-use interface.
The developers of the e-mail delivery engine (MTA) having excellent performance continuously tune it up for high-speed processing and analyze it to assuredly deliver e-mails to ISPs. Thanks to these, it has the highest level of performance in the industry in terms of e-mail delivery.

The e-mail delivery engine (MTA) which we uniquely developed can assuredly and speedily deliver e-mails to tens of millions of e-mail subscribers.
◆Our service can be used for various purposes regardless of scale◆
1. To assuredly and speedily deliver e-mails
Backed by the MTA which we uniquely developed and by the performance of actually delivering 42 billion e-mails in a month, "Cuenote FC" assuredly delivers e-mails.
Regarding delivery speed, it delivered more than 7 million e-mails in one hour. Therefore, it can deliver e-mails without creating worries about e-mail delivery delays. 
2. To send e-mails with images or decorated e-mails
Even if you cannot write HTML source, "Cuenote FC" is equipped with the html editor function which allows you to import your favorite images to create highly stylish e-mails.
3. To deliver e-mails written in multiple languages
"Cuenote FC" can deliver e-mails to people living in countries other than Japan in languages used in the countries. Furthermore, it can deliver e-mails to foreign residents living in Japan in their native languages so long as the characters are supported by UTF-8.
The function of delivering e-mails in multiple languages is effective for delivering e-mails that include those related to disaster preparedness which are delivered from public agencies and that all people must be notified of. 
4. To automatically deliver e-mails
"Cuenote FC" can deliver step-by-step e-mails with which preset content is automatically delivered with the start date thereof containing data of the date such as the inquiry date and time.
Also, it can be linked with delivery lists in databases owned by your company. 
Furthermore, by using API integration, it can be linked with systems such as MA, CRM, and DMP and customized.
5. To perform e-mail marketing
Effectiveness measurement after e-mail delivery, and automatization of AB tests for verifying which e-mail was effective.
The use of an analysis tool lets you analyze various data such as "purchase data," "customer data," and "e-mail behavior data" to allow you to perform marketing.
6. To deliver recommendation e-mails and reminder e-mails
You can send e-mails describing recommended products to each customer. In addition, you can automatically send reminder e-mails for the product customers put into their carts but did not buy, or for their favorite products to prevent lost sales opportunities.
7. To place emphasis on security requirements
The use of one-time passwords has been included as a standard for the first time in the industry. In addition, you can regularly check vulnerability, limit IP on the management screen, and manage operation logs as well as authority. Thus, you can use "Cuenote FC" with a sense of security.
Furthermore, it supports DKIM and SPF, which are measures against e-mail spoofing, as well as TLS encryption for specific domains. As can be understood from these examples, we are constantly making efforts to safely deliver e-mails.
◆Characteristics of our customers and why they start using the system◆
[Characteristics of our customers]
The system is used by various municipalities and companies in different industries such as EC operators, manufacturers, newspaper companies, and financial institutions.
[Why they start using the system]
-Wanting to use e-mail magazines to promote sales or advertise products.
-Wanting to urge customers to purchase the product repeatedly or to make potential customers purchase their products.
-Troubled by non-delivery or non-timely delivery of e-mails.
-Wanting to immediately deliver e-mails to confirm someone's safety or in times of emergency.
-Wanting to deliver e-mails while linking with an EC website.
-Wanting to switch to another system because their current system cannot satisfy security requirements.


【メール配信システム】Cuenote FC(キューノート エフシー).pdf

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