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Latest update: 09/10/2021 15:03:29

Toplas Engineering Co., Ltd.

We focus on humidity, as a specialist manufacturer of humidity sensors

We are a manufacturer of humidity sensors and humidity converters. Our products are used for purposes that need higher precision and durability, such as measurements for agriculture, research, measurement of air-conditioning equipment, and cooking equipment. We also provide support for trial manufacturing of thin films for research and development by making use of our vacuum vapor deposition technology that we have accumulated for many years.

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Details of business and an overview of products and technology
Details and features of business
We mainly develop, manufacture and sell humidity sensor elements, humidity converters and related products, and perform trial manufacturing of thin films, using a sputtering method or a vacuum vapor deposition method. Various characteristics of our technology include extensive expertise and deep understanding regarding forming of thin film using a vacuum. One of our main products is an electrical capacity-type humidity sensor element, which makes use of lamination of thin films such as an electrode layer, humidity sensitive layer, and protective layer, and involves an integration of our efforts. We spend many hours on theoretical experiments with each layer to understand the optimum conditions for forming of films as humidity sensors.
Overview of products and technologies
With respect to humidity measurement, we provide reliable humidity sensors for various environments, such as humidity converters, temperature and humidity meters, duct type temperature/dew point converters, absolute humidity sensors, humidity/voltage conversion modules, humidity regulators, and humidity controllers. With regard to the etrial manufacturing of thin films, we form films of metal, oxides, nitrides, fluorides, and organic materials for base materials provided by customers, by using a sputtering method or a vacuum vapor deposition method.
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Water already existed 3.5 billion years ago and has continued to affect everything in the world. Quantitative measurement of water vapor, which is one of state of water molecules, was performed in about 150 BC when the concept of water vapor still did not exist. The measurement was equivalent to the present humidity measurement. Our mission is to succeed the spirit of forerunners and manufacture and provide reliable humidity meters. We manufacture humidity sensor elements and their converters based on our basic research over more than 20 years as a “specialist manufacturer of humidity sensors.”

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