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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:47

Coil Snake Inc.

Manufacture of High-Frequency Coils Used in Light Electrical Equipment such as Bar Antenna Coils and Coils for Switching Power Supplies

Utilizing our adaptability as a company, we offer small-lot, high-mix production services to customers. We accept orders for processing non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel alloys, titanium, and Hastelloy (protective tubes, flanges, nipples). In addition, we handle glass lining, Teflon coating, and other unique technologies.

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Business Description
Bar Antenna Coils
Our bar antenna coils are used in applications such as compact, disaster prevention radios and radio clock antennas, utilizing their high sensitivity and high performance.
Transformer for Switching Power Supplies
Our transformers for switching power supplies are manufactured in both Japan and China. We manufacture them in Japan when quick delivery or small-lot production are required to maintain high quality. Very experienced workers staff the production lines to respond to specifications requiring advanced wiring techniques quickly.
Protection Tubes, Flanges, and Nipples
These products are manufactured using non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel alloys, titanium, and Hastelloy. Many of our products are used in harsh environments where strong chemicals are used. 

We are skilled in the cutting and hollowing out of round and square bars. Although we mainly deal with custom-made products, we can also handle mass-produced products. We process unique materials such as Nickel, Inconel, Monel, and other castings. The length we can process is up to 1,000 mm. 

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