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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:19

Shimizu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

We offer skilled technology, and reliable packaging products

We are a manufacturer of polyethylene bags and fashion bags. We have factories in Japan and overseas. We have made many efforts to manufacture products targeting the use of recyclable resources.

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Environmentally friendly products
Our company is making various efforts to use recyclable resources.

Biomass mark
This mark indicates that biological materials are used. 
We have obtained 10% biomass mark certification, so you can apply this mark if you order from us. 
We perform mark management, so an authentication fee is not charged.  

■ Green polyethylene
We produce bags made of plant-derived polyethylene. 
These products are produced by synthesizing polyethylene from ingredients remaining after the food processing of sugarcane. 
It absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during the growth process of sugarcane, unlike ordinary polyethylene made from petroleum, and it can reduce the burden on the environment. 

■ Rice ink
We handle bags made from printing ink derived from rice bran. 
Please feel free to contact us for samples. 

■ Biodegradable plastic
We handle the production of products using raw materials that naturally decompose when they are disposed of in soil or the ocean. 

■ Recovery and recycling of waste plastic
We are trying to collect used plastic bags and recycle them into raw materials after crushing (re-pelletizing). 
We use recycled materials at our own factories and work to build a recycling-based manufacturing model.
Product lineup
Currently only a few manufacturers have their own factories for plastic bags and fashion bags in Japan and overseas. 
We manufacture a wide variety of products while applying the quality control, delivery date control, and accumulated technology that can only be achieved by our own factory. 

■ Oval bags, flat bags
Bags equipped with a hole for the handle. Production cost is low and these bags are suitable for any application. 

■ Paper bags
Paper bags that can be used for a wide range of applications. Various arrangements are possible, such as film processing to give a sense of quality or using brown kraft that gives a natural texture. 

■ Non-woven bags
These are often used again as eco-friendly bags after distribution because they are strong. 
Printing a corporate logo increase chances of exposure. We also handle bags with cooling functions. 

■ Drawstring bags
Drawstring bags that close the opening when you pull both ends of the string. These bags are ideal for cosmetics, small sweets, and bags for general stores. 

■ Shoulder bags
These are outstandingly fashionable and have a high after-use rate. 
This type of bag is often used in sports shops and events. 

■ Happy Tack bags
Bags with a sturdy plastic handle called Happy Tack. These bags offer a sense of stability even when heavy items are put in the bag. 
These bags are suitable for heavy contents such as souvenir shops and six-packs of beer. 

■ Shopping bags
These bags are often used as take-out bags for products. These bags are very easy to process so they are very inexpensive. 
We also manufacture and sell environmentally friendly shopping bags. 

■ Loop bags
Bags with a handle (loop handle). These bags can be manufactured inexpensively among bags with a handle. 
These bags are often used for selling cake boxes and canned beverage sets. 

■ Fin bags
These are plastic bags that can be held by pulling the string passing over the bag. Automatic mounting of the handle is possible, so this type of bag can be manufactured at a low cost. Fin bags are often used as take-out bags for Japanese sweets, side dishes, and lunch boxes. 

■ Duty-free shop bags
These are duty-free plastic bags used by foreign travelers for shopping. 
We manufacture and sell four types of hand-held, duty-free plastic bags that are handed over to foreign travelers who enjoy shopping in registered duty-free shops. 
We can also manufacture original duty-free bags. We can handle small lot production and produce products with a short delivery time. 

■ Special shape bags
We offer custom-made production. You can pursue the design in detail to make the bag easy to open, easy to use, and fashionable. Simple examples include dropping off the shoulders of the bag or rounding the top of the bag. 

■ Digital printing
We offer services for original printing on handbags. 
[Advantages of digital printing]
- Printing can be made without plate charges. 
- We can also handle small-lot production. 
- There is no printing gap. 
- Data can be printed as it is. 

■ Standard bags, garbage bags, and other ready-made products
We handle a wide variety of items by material, thickness, and size. We also handle ready-made products so we can ship them on the same day (inventory check required).

■ Paper boxes, stickers, promotional items, and enclosing work
We also handle many materials used in stores. We have in-house job sites, so we also handle encapsulation work.

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