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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:21


We aim to be a company that makes your EMC testing easier.

We develop, manufacture, and sell various EMC (EMI/EMS) noise testers, measuring instruments, and RF test systems. More than 5,000 customers in 47 countries have adopted our NoiseKen brand test equipment and services. We also propose methods to use the test equipment, such as repair and calibration after purchase, operation of a commissioned testing site, and guidance on leasing.

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Products related to EMC
Electromagnetic wave analysis measurement system
This system detects the position of an electromagnetic field sensor from a camera image by color discrimination (*1) and analyzes the signal measured by the sensor in real time. 
The measured electromagnetic field strength level can be superimposed on an actual image of the object to be measured and displayed as heat map colors on a PC monitor.  
(*1): A method for detecting the position based on Patent Application 2007-223275 filed by Kanazawa University and patent 5205547 held by our company.
Products related to RF
Broadband sleeve antenna
Won the 32nd (2015) Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Award (Encouragement Award)
Patent application: 2014-009288
Our broadband sleeve antenna is an antenna that was developed to efficiently perform immunity evaluation testing (near electromagnetic field immunity testing) of electromagnetic waves radiated from wireless devices such as mobile phones. 
It was necessary to replace the antenna according to each frequency during conventional strong electromagnetic field immunity testing in the near field, which required a great deal of labor and time. However, using this broadband sleeve antenna eliminates the need to replace the antenna so the test time is significantly reduced. 
This antenna is small and lightweight, so the arm part can be flexibly bent and used such that it is also suitable for testing in narrow places.

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