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Please entrust TOKYO PACK CO., LTD. with planning and developing packages, outsourced packing, and fixtures that are formed by vacuum molding or air pressure molding.

We always keep in mind to propose packaging materials such as industrial trays, blister packs, shell packs, slide packs, mounts, and boxes that enable customers' products to be sold well. Our "Basic Research" division aims at improving conventional products, makes efforts to improve productivity as well as produce high-quality and clean packages, and strives to provide customers with low-priced packages that are produced through integrated production.

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Introducing our business lineup, products, and technology
Business lineup and advantages
We deal with various packages, including plastic packages and paper packages, which are formed by vacuum molding or air pressure molding. We also engage in various package-related businesses including mold making done with our high technical capabilities, trial manufacture development for proposing realistic images, and sheet formed products that meet customer needs. Our factory is clean enough to produce precision equipment, and we thoroughly prevent dust from entering the manufacturing process. Regarding research and development, we pay attention to not only packages, but also collaboration with different materials. Under these systems, we do "basic research" as well as "application research" and develop high quality but low-priced packages.
Outlines of our products and technologies
As for packages, we deal with slide packs, blister packs, shell packs, hybrid packs, real packs, etc. As for tray sheet forming, we apply forming technologies which are vacuum molding, vacuum pressure molding, and air pressure molding. As for equipment, our factory is equipped with FLCD made by ASANO LAB., a continuous vacuum pressure shuttle system made by TOKO CO., LTD., a small-sized continuous vacuum forming automated trimmer, a continuous vacuum forming machine, our own original trimmer, a four-pillar cam precision press, a single-shot medium pressure forming machine, etc.
For matching
Vacuum molding and air pressure molding are fields that should "continuously develop" in conjunction with customers' products which continuously innovate technology. Since our foundation in 1967, with our great curiosity, we have continuously challenged ourselves for half a century. In order to meet the needs of the times and customers, we have been tenaciously challenging new problems, utilizing all forming technologies that we have nurtured. By repeating this attitude, we believe we have won the confidence of customers. As a union of engineers specializing in vacuum molding and air pressure molding, we will continuously challenge the impossible and build close partnerships with customers.

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